ktru playsheet

electronic show

from Fri 02/08/2019 08:00:00 PM until Sat 02/09/2019 12:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

11:57 PM- stars of the lid / a meaningful moment through a meaningless process [and their refinement of the decline] on the s/r label.
11:50 PM- deepchord / circa (ambient version) [soma coma vol 7] on the soma records label.
11:41 PM- max cooper / molten landscapes [chromos] on the mesh label.
11:34 PM- stephan bodzin / powers of ten [powers of ten] on the herzblut label.
11:26 PM- boards of canada / everything you do is a balloon [hi scores] on the skam label.
11:18 PM- jon hopkins / open eye signal [immunity] on the domino label.
11:12 PM- aphex twin / windowlicker [warp20] on the warp label.
11:11 PM- burial / untrue [untrue] on the hyperdub label.
11:05 PM- burial / in mcdonald's [untrue] on the hyperdub label.
10:59 PM- zomboy / lights out [neon coffin] on the never say die label.
10:57 PM- rezz, 1788-L / hex [certain kind of magic] on the mau5trap label.
10:53 PM- 1788-L, tynan / abyss [abyss] on the deadbeats label.
10:49 PM- pressure / rl grime [pressure] on the ultra label.
10:46 PM- getter / head splitter [owsla 2005] on the owsla label.
10:42 PM- kill the noise / kill the noise (alvin risk remix) [kill kill kill ep] on the owsla label.
10:36 PM- dog blood / next order [next order/middle finger] on the owsla label.
10:33 PM- feed me / schizoid [feed me's family reunion] on the sotto voce label.
10:28 PM- knife party / resistance [abandon ship] on the earstorm label.
10:25 PM- skrillex / all is fair in love and brostep [recess] on the owsla label.
10:18 PM- knife party / tourniquet [100% no modern talking] on the warner music uk label.
10:14 PM- rezz / purple gusher [something wrong here] on the mau5trap label.
10:11 PM- skrillex / right in [bangarang] on the atlantic label.
10:08 PM- krewella / come & get it [get wet] on the columbia label.
09:59 PM- colleen d'agostino / stay (drop the poptart edit) [mau5trap ten year anniversary] on the mau5trap label.
09:51 PM- chelsea wolfe / the warden (maceo plex remix) [the warden] on the s/r label.
09:48 PM- giorgia angiuli / embrace me now [embrace me now] on the s/r label.
09:40 PM- way out west, liu bei / oceans [tuesday maybe] on the anjunadeep label.
09:37 PM- deadmau5, imogen heap / telemiscommunications [>album title goes here<] on the mau5trap label.
09:31 PM- tinlicker / empty skies [remember the future] on the zero three zero label.
09:21 PM- deadmau5 / i remember [random album title] on the ultra records label.
09:17 PM- kaskade / beneath with me [beneath with me] on the warner bros label.
09:14 PM- rezz, delaney jane / lost [the silence is deafening] on the mau5trap label.
09:08 PM- eekkoo, sailor & i / elysium [hell is other people] on the mau5trap label.
09:01 PM- d.e.c.a.d.a. / lips don't lie [momentum ep] on the suara label.
08:56 PM- mr fijiwiji / pure sunlight [monstercat 018 - frontier] on the monstercat label.
08:50 PM- pegboard nerds, tristram / razor sharp [razor sharp] on the monstercat label.
08:47 PM- ephixa / ideekay [monstercat 007 - solace] on the monstercat label.
08:42 PM- muzzy / junction seven [f minor factory] on the monstercat label.
08:38 PM- tut tut child / power fracture [monstercat 017 - ascension] on the monstercat label.
08:33 PM- dotexe / hipster cutthroat [monstercat 008 - anniversary] on the monstercat label.
08:27 PM- going quantum / hello [hello] on the monstercat label.
08:24 PM- tut tut child / maelstrom [monstercat 007 - solace] on the monstercat label.
08:20 PM- dotexe / inside out [monstercat 017 - ascension] on the monstercat label.
08:17 PM- pegboard nerds / pressure cooker [monstercat best of dnb/drumstep vol. 2] on the monstercat label.
08:13 PM- going quantum / raw [monstercat 020 - attitude] on the monstercat label.
08:08 PM- droptek / colossus [monstercat 023 - voyage] on the monstercat label.
08:04 PM- aero chord / surface [surface] on the monstercat label.
08:00 PM- tut tut child / dance to it [dance to it] on the monstercat label.