ktru playsheet

treasures of the 60s

from Wed 08/07/2019 07:00:00 PM until Wed 08/07/2019 09:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

08:58 PM- phil ochs / one way ticket home [greatest hits] on the a&m label.
08:53 PM- the avant-garde / honey and gall [45] on the columbia label.
08:50 PM- the free spirits / bad news cat [out of sight and sound] on the sunbeam label.
08:46 PM- the mothers of invention / you're probably wondering why i'm here [freak out!] on the verve label.
08:43 PM- kim fowley / strangers from the sky [hallucinations: psych pop nuggets from the WEA vaults] on the rhino hand made label.
08:40 PM- the bonzo dog band / the bride stripped bare by "the bachelors" [keynsham] on the sunset label.
08:38 PM- jan & dean / schlock rod pt. 2 [drag city] on the liberty label.
08:35 PM- tony joe white / groupy girl [45] on the monument label.
08:25 PM- the sounds of time / brothers [45] on the english label.
08:22 PM- denis couldry & the next collection / i am nearly there [the freakbeat scene] on the decca label.
08:18 PM- penny arkade / color fantasy [not the freeze] on the sundazed label.
08:16 PM- peter yarrow and john simon / the wabe [[ost] you are what you eat] on the columbia masterworks label.
08:12 PM- caravan / hello hello [caravan [bonus tracks]] on the verve forecast label.
08:09 PM- kevin ayers / butterfly dance [the harvest years] on the harvest label.
08:05 PM- andy pratt / wet daddy [records are like life] on the polydor label.
07:56 PM- the strangeloves / it's about my baby [45] on the bang label.
07:54 PM- we the people / when i arrive [garage beat '66 vol. 2: chicks are for kids!] on the sundazed label.
07:52 PM- the standells / did you ever have that feeling [try it: banned!] on the sundazed label.
07:48 PM- the wig/wags / on my way down the road [pebbles vol. 10] on the bfd label.
07:47 PM- the vipers / time [lost souls vol. 4: Arkansas] on the psych of the south label.
07:45 PM- the chimps / i realize [monkey business] on the wyncote label.
07:42 PM- teddy and the rough riders / distant thunder [swingin' with WING] on the megacity label.
07:39 PM- ian & the zodiacs / clarabella [the star club anthology vol. 5] on the star club label.
07:37 PM- the remains / when i want to know [a sessions with the remains] on the sundazed label.
07:35 PM- the allusions / looks like trouble [five by 4] on the raven label.
07:27 PM- junior parker / (ooh wee baby) that's the way you make me feel [45] on the mercury label.
07:25 PM- little esther / the chains [45] on the warwick label.
07:22 PM- mckinley mitchell / the town i live in [move with the groove: hardcore chicago soul 1962-70] on the charly label.
07:20 PM- the intruders / me tarzan you jane [45] on the gamble label.
07:18 PM- the dixie cups / you should have seen the way he looked at me [45] on the red bird label.
07:16 PM- the ad-libs / on the corner [boys can be mean: fabulous femme pop gems] on the charly label.
07:10 PM- the monkees / tear drop city [45] on the colgems label.
07:08 PM- the newbeats / hey-o daddy-o [45] on the hickory label.
07:06 PM- the beau brummels / don't talk to strangers [vol. II] on the autumn label.
07:03 PM- del shannon / keep searchin' [45] on the amy label.
07:00 PM- velvet underground / one of these days [VU] on the verve label.