ktru playsheet

local show

from Tue 07/10/2018 08:00:00 PM until Tue 07/10/2018 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:56 PM- grandfathr child / i would like to thank the universe/planet [grandfather child] on the new west label.
09:50 PM- moth wings / sleepy eyes [dragonfruit (mixtape 1)] on the self label.
09:47 PM- vodi / talk [talk] on the self label.
09:44 PM- k campbell / all the time [pure pop for jaded punks] on the poison moon label.
09:41 PM- narrow head / bulma [bulma] on the very jazzed label.
09:35 PM- poizon / cool mom [church is poison] on the twistworthy label.
09:30 PM- middlechild / questions [daisy] on the very jazzed label.
09:20 PM- robert ellis / houston [the lights from the chemical plant] on the new west label.
09:16 PM- nathan quick / on the line [the other side] on the self label.
09:13 PM- max flinn / love song to write [give me something more] on the self label.
09:11 PM- john evans / love note [polyester] on the splice label.
09:08 PM- nick gaitan & the umbrella man / dead end saints [bridges & bayous] on the self label.
09:05 PM- ben jarrad / the way [the way] on the self label.
09:02 PM- arthur yoria / i just wanna sit here [after you] on the splice label.
08:51 PM- birthday club / having too much fun [lighten up] on the self label.
08:46 PM- only beast / loveletter [again] on the self label.
08:43 PM- rose ette / looking for [jungle] on the miss champagne label.
08:40 PM- the suffers / mammas [mammas] on the shenachie label.
08:33 PM- ashley toman / dreamlover [dreamlover] on the self label.
08:29 PM- virgil wolfe / filler episode [unlimited tv dinners] on the self label.
08:20 PM- talking forever / private property [my new home] on the self label.
08:17 PM- cool moon / standing [postparty depression] on the exotic fever label.
08:14 PM- donna hayward / denny's parking lot [you won't feel a thing] on the self label.
08:12 PM- le chien freud / a reduction [sarcasm is trying] on the self label.
08:07 PM- mineral / palisade [end serenading] on the crank! label.
08:04 PM- football etc / first down [first down] on the count your lucky stars label.
08:01 PM- so, so / clementines forgiveness [action figures] on the miss champagne label.