ktru playsheet

treasures of the 60s

from Wed 09/12/2018 07:00:00 PM until Wed 09/12/2018 09:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

08:58 PM- the zombies / friends of mine [odessey and oracle] on the date label.
08:53 PM- the gestures / it seems to me [45] on the soma label.
08:49 PM- the troggs / i can't control myself [best of the troggs] on the rhino label.
08:47 PM- paul revere and the raiders / i know [just like us] on the columbia label.
08:45 PM- the exotics / four banger [the original great northwest hits, vol. 1] on the jerden label.
08:39 PM- the remains / i'm a man [a session with the remains] on the sundazed label.
08:32 PM- lyme & cybelle / follow me [45] on the white whale label.
08:29 PM- the new play starring ruth copeland / the music box [45] on the invictus label.
08:25 PM- dusty springfield / i just don't know what to do with myself [golden hits] on the mercury label.
08:23 PM- norma tanega / walkin' my cat named dog [walkin' my cat named dog] on the new voice label.
08:20 PM- erica pomerance / you used to think [you used to think] on the esp-disk label.
08:14 PM- the id / boil the kettle, mother [the inner sounds of the id] on the rca victor label.
08:12 PM- the tokens / saloogy [45] on the b.t. puppy label.
08:08 PM- dave dee, dozy, beaky, mick and tich / zabadak [45] on the imperial label.
08:06 PM- casey jones and the governors / zebedy zek [cornflake zoo episode one] on the particle label.
08:04 PM- tyrannosaurus rex / scenescof [my people] on the a&m label.
07:58 PM- nazz / hang on paul [nazz nazz] on the sgc label.
07:54 PM- les merseys / freakout! [get smarter] on the past & present label.
07:51 PM- norman greenbaum / i.j. foxx [back home again] on the reprise label.
07:47 PM- george harrison / apple scruffs [45] on the apple label.
07:45 PM- randy burns and the sky dog band / august woman [randy burns and the sky dog band] on the mercury label.
07:36 PM- carmen taylor / you're puttin' me on [45] on the kama sutra label.
07:33 PM- tammy james / that's fat jack [r'n'b meets northern soul vol. 2] on the vor label.
07:29 PM- z.z. hill / don't make me pay [45] on the mhr label.
07:26 PM- calvin arnold / portrait of a step-daddy [45] on the sonday label.
07:24 PM- darrell banks / somebody (somewhere) needs you [45] on the revilot label.
07:22 PM- barbara lynn / you'll lose a good thing [45] on the jaime label.
07:13 PM- small faces / itchycoo park [45] on the immediate label.
07:11 PM- the vejtables / anything [45] on the autumn label.
07:08 PM- the free spirits / early morning fear [out of sight and sound] on the abc label.
07:04 PM- harumi / talk about it [harumi] on the verve forecast label.
07:00 PM- the left banke / there's gonna be a storm [left banke too] on the smash label.