ktru playsheet

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treasures of the 60s

from Sun 06/06/2021 07:00:00 PM until Sun 06/06/2021 09:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

08:58 PM- the godz / like a sparrow [third testament] on the esp-disk label.
08:54 PM- arthur gee / love song 450 [arthur gee] on the tumbleweed label.
08:50 PM- the bondsmen / our time to try [tobacco a-go-go] on the blue mold label.
08:48 PM- wings / give me your love [wings] on the dunhill label.
08:44 PM- amen corner / evil man gonna win [amen corner/small faces] on the new world label.
08:43 PM- flamin groovies / high flyin baby [teenage head] on the buddah label.
08:36 PM- jean and the statesiders / putty in your hands [girls in the garage vol. 3] on the romulan label.
08:34 PM- baby py grandmother / single girl [cornflake zoo ep. 1] on the particles label.
08:32 PM- the satin bells / i stand accused (of loving you) [love hit me!] on the ace label.
08:29 PM- adrienne posta / backstreet girl [girl zone] on the impact label.
08:26 PM- lulu / the boat that i row [sings to sir with love] on the epic label.
08:17 PM- emitt rhodes / textile factory [the american dream] on the a&m label.
08:15 PM- the free spirits / blue water mother [out of sight and sound] on the sunbeam label.
08:10 PM- ian whitcomb / notable yacht club of staines [sock me some rock] on the tower label.
08:07 PM- boyce & hart / for baby [test patterns] on the a&m label.
08:04 PM- steve martin / two by two [ultra violet's hot parts] on the kama sutra label.
07:55 PM- ronnie dickerson / what about me [v/a] on the pickwick label.
07:55 PM- johnson, hawkins, tatum & durr / you can't blame me [eccentric soul: the capsoul label] on the numero group label.
07:54 PM- freddie north / ain't nothing in the news (but the blues) [45] on the mankind label.
07:54 PM- the shirelles / doomsday [hear & now] on the pricewise label.
07:54 PM- patti labelle and her blue bells / decatur street [45] on the parkway label.
07:52 PM- major lance / follow the leader [45] on the dakar label.
07:51 PM- carolyn franklin / reality [baby dynamite!] on the rca victor label.
07:49 PM- randy denison / interlude of young and old [collage] on the mega label.
07:48 PM- russ giguere / pegasus [hexagram 16] on the wb label.
07:48 PM- golden earring / in my house [greatest hits] on the polydor label.
07:46 PM- the nickel bag / lover's litany [doing their love thing] on the kama sutra label.
07:46 PM- elliott randall / life in botanical gardens (oh yeah) [randall's island] on the polydor label.
07:44 PM- shutdown douglas / flash falcon [hot rod rally] on the capitol label.
07:44 PM- the swamp rats / louie louie [disco still sucks] on the get hip label.
07:43 PM- the salas brothers / the return of farmer john [the east side sound] on the bacchus archives label.
07:42 PM- the darts / alky burner [hollywood drag] on the del-fi label.
07:23 PM- silver apples / i don't care what the poeple say [the garden] on the whirlybird label.