ktru playsheet

ElisaM, RachelC

from Wed 11/29/2017 03:00:00 PM until Wed 11/29/2017 05:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

04:59 PM- boy o boy / go big ugly [shish-ska-bob] on the bob records label.
04:54 PM- de augustine / fade [swim inside the moon] on the ERROR: Server error: Entry not found in index label.
04:53 PM- holocene / celestion [s/t] on the shock label.
04:50 PM- beach house / lazuli [bloom] on the sub pop label.
04:46 PM- arctic monkeys / whatever people say i am, that's what i'm not [mardy bum] on the domino label.
04:44 PM- the milkshakes / the red monkey [showcase] on the braineater label.
04:41 PM- morricone youth / bundle of reeds [sunrise: a song of two humans] on the country club label.
04:36 PM- neon indian / polish girl [era extrana] on the mom + pop label.
04:32 PM- billy bragg / accident waiting to happen [don't try this at home] on the elektra label.
04:29 PM- the young fresh fellows / don't look at my face you might see what i mean [totally lost] on the frontier label.
04:26 PM- grieves / chillin [running wild] on the rhymesayers label.
04:23 PM- the casual dots / clocks [s/t] on the kill rock stars label.
04:20 PM- squirrel nut zippers / sleigh ride [christmas caravan] on the memmoth records label.
04:15 PM- local natives / past lives [sunlit youth] on the loma vista label.
04:13 PM- pink, ariel / time to meet your god [dedicated to bobby jameson] on the mexican summer label.
04:10 PM- the foundations / baby, now that i've found you [hits of the sixties] on the interworld label.
04:06 PM- lomelda / thx [thx] on the double double whammy label.
04:04 PM- tame impala / the moment [currents] on the interscope label.
04:02 PM- she & him / i could've been your girl [volume 3] on the merge label.
03:57 PM- chet faker / no diggity [thinking i ntextuers] on the downtown records label.
03:53 PM- the tourists / round round blues [luminous basement] on the cbs records label.
03:50 PM- midnight sister / shimmy [saturn over sunset] on the jagjaguwar label.
03:43 PM- silent kids / the bering sea [tomorrow waits] on the cur on a glider records label.
03:40 PM- shadowland / miss yesterday [beauty of escaping] on the geffen label.
03:37 PM- rac / this song [ego] on the counter records label.
03:36 PM- radiohead / desert island disk [a moon shaped pool] on the xl recordings label.
03:33 PM- subterfuge / legal who [who's the fool] on the mystic records label.
03:29 PM- washington, kamasi / humility [harmony of difference] on the young turks label.
03:26 PM- the shins / bait and switch [port of morrow] on the columbia/aurak apothecary label.
03:18 PM- putumayo / ticklah [putumayo presents latin reggae] on the putumayo world music label.
03:16 PM- national, the / dark side of the gym [sleep well beast] on the 4ad label.
03:11 PM- major lazer / can't stop now [guns don't kill people...lazers do] on the downtown/mad decent label.
03:07 PM- david bean / marsha's car [modomusic] on the wt label.
03:01 PM- the bongos / three wise men [drums along the hudson] on the jem label.
02:59 PM- avey tare / jackson 5 [eucalyptus] on the domino label.