ktru playsheet

RosaG, Shablis, ScottB
mutant hardcore

from Thu 11/07/2019 10:05:00 PM until Thu 11/07/2019 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

01:07 AM- jimi hendrix / still raining, still dreaming [electric ladyland] on the mca label.
01:04 AM- jesse dayton / just what i needed [mixtape vol.1] on the blue elan label.
12:57 AM- urge overkill / the kids are insane [the supersonic storybook] on the touch and go label.
12:56 AM- motorhead / rockaway beach [undercover] on the silver lining label.
12:54 AM- new york dolls / bad girl [new york dolls] on the mercury label.
12:52 AM- redd kross / white trash [born innocent] on the frontier label.
12:50 AM- rocket from the crypt / straight american slave [group sounds] on the swami label.
12:47 AM- drakulas / neon town [drakulas] on the dirtnap label.
12:44 AM- the cramps / tear it up [songs the lord taught us] on the irs label.
12:43 AM- black flag / you don't have anything against me do you [the first four years] on the sst label.
12:40 AM- melvins / at a crawl [10 songs] on the c/z label.
12:37 AM- polvo / can i ride [polvo] on the merge label.
12:37 AM- dinosaur jr / blowing it / i live for that look [green mind] on the sire label.
12:33 AM- bad brain / pay to cum [bad brains] on the roir label.
12:29 AM- bell rays / fire on the moon [grand fury] on the vital label.
12:28 AM- misfits / braineaters [walk among us] on the ruby label.
12:27 AM- the gossip / heartbeats [that's not what i heard] on the krs label.
12:25 AM- j. geils band / first i look for the purse [live full house] on the atlantic label.
12:21 AM- the mummies / test drive [death by unga bunga] on the telstar label.
12:15 AM- el vez with the shizophonics / liz renay [7"] on the sympathy label.
12:13 AM- the alah lahs / holding pattern [lahs] on the mexican summer label.
12:11 AM- parting gifts / bound to let me down [strychnine dandeline] on the in the red label.
12:10 AM- sugar candy mountain / mar-a-lago [do right] on the plartk label.
12:08 AM- sheer mag / button up [i, ii and iii] on the sm label.
12:02 AM- detroit cobras / hey sailor [life, love and leaving] on the sympathy label.
12:01 AM- zz top / manic mechanic [deguello] on the wb label.
11:57 PM- bickley / mission & vallejo [pogo au gogo] on the paperdoll records label.
11:54 PM- revels / alive [best in the world/alive] on the 1494115 records dk label.
11:50 PM- 30footFALL / champion song [champion song single] on the it's opposite day and i love you records label.
11:47 PM- Brak / institutionalized [dr. demento covered in punk] on the demented punk label.
11:45 PM- pears / snowflake [green star] on the fat wreck chords label.
11:42 PM- star f**king hipsters / two cups of tea [until we're dead] on the fat wreck chords label.
11:39 PM- hunx and his punx / bad boy [too young to be in love] on the hardly art label.
11:37 PM- the dead milkmen / leggo my ego [not richard, but dick] on the hollywood records label.
11:34 PM- nobunny / i am a girlfriend [love visions] on the burger records label.
11:31 PM- thee headcoatees / davy crockett [archive from 1959: the billy childish story] on the damaged goods label.
11:25 PM- smoking popes / long day [it's been a long day] on the asian man records label.
11:23 PM- radioactivity / don't try [radioactivity] on the dirtnap records label.
11:22 PM- knucklehead / bodies at midnight [the new black list] on the stumble recording co. label.
11:17 PM- the living end / all torn down [the living end] on the reprise label.
11:15 PM- fugazi / bad mouth [13 songs] on the dischord records label.
11:13 PM- the automatics / misfit star [s/t] on the mutant pop records label.
11:10 PM- the automatics / when the tanks roll over poland again [walking with the radio on] on the -- label.
11:07 PM- the au pairs / you [stepping out of line: the anthology] on the castle communications label.
11:05 PM- plasmatics / 12 noon [anthems of the apocolypse] on the -- label.
11:00 PM- dead moon / too many people [7"] on the misssissippi records label.
10:57 PM- shitdogs / don't hid the razorblades [dogstyle] on the madman label.
10:55 PM- crime / hotwire my heart [san francisco's still doomed] on the swami records label.
10:48 PM- destroy all monsters / november 22nd, 1968 [destroy all monsters] on the get back label.
10:45 PM- naz / open my eyes [7"] on the sgc label.
10:42 PM- the ramones / i want to be sedated [ramones mania] on the sire label.
10:40 PM- emmeretta / deep purple [pruple passages] on the warner brothers label.
10:36 PM- reighing sound / falling rain [shattered] on the merge label.
10:35 PM- bark hard / beg us to stop [bark hard] on the bark hard label.
10:28 PM- the rolling stones / rip this joint [made in the shade] on the sire label.
10:24 PM- the genales / hot little hand [7"] on the raw ramp records label.
10:22 PM- vex / how can you change the system [EP new words for an old revolution] on the hotbox label.
10:20 PM- the seeds / can't seem to make you mine [7"] on the gnp crecendo label.
10:17 PM- the fits / bored of education [7"] on the ugly pop label.
10:13 PM- rosalia / muneca de cera [7"] on the afiro label.
10:11 PM- the pandoras / i didn't cry [7"] on the dionysus label.
10:08 PM- the wind / hey mister [where it's at with the wind] on the vinul countdown label.
10:06 PM- the jesus lizard / here comes dudley [goat] on the touch and go label.