ktru playsheet


from Wed 12/05/2018 04:00:00 PM until Wed 12/05/2018 05:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

05:02 PM- yellowman / we wish you a reggae christmas [a very, very yellow christmas] on the ras label.
04:58 PM- adam sandler / the chanukah song [what the hell happened to me?] on the warner bros. label.
04:55 PM- swearin' / margaret [fall into the sun] on the merge label.
04:51 PM- mai lan / pumper [autopilote] on the cinq7 label.
04:48 PM- swamp dogg / answer me, my love [love, loss, and auto-tune] on the joyful noise label.
04:42 PM- holter, julia / underneath the moon [aviary] on the domino label.
04:36 PM- poncho sanchez / have yourself a merry little christmas [latin christmas] on the putamayo label.
04:30 PM- run-d.m.c. / king of rock [king of rock] on the profile label.
04:18 PM- miles davis / spantango [miles espanol: new sketches of spain] on the eone label.
04:15 PM- stephen colbert & jon stewart / can i interest you in hannukah? [a colbert christmas: the greatest gift of all] on the comedy central label.
04:12 PM- chuckee / new york [clouds] on the s/r label.
04:09 PM- parcels / lightenup [s/t] on the kitsune label.
04:03 PM- john coltrane / untitled original 11386 [both directions at once: the lost album] on the verve label.