ktru playsheet


from Mon 12/03/2018 09:00:00 PM until Mon 12/03/2018 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:57 PM- Svartdaudi / Burning Worlds of Excrement [Revelations of the Red Sword] on the Van Records label.
09:52 PM- Death's Cold Wind / Kill to Christ [Subyugador: In Goat We Trust] on the Old Temple label.
09:49 PM- Coathanger Abortion / Chopped in Half (Obituary cover) [The Hate Divide] on the Horror Pain Gore Death label.
09:45 PM- Legion of the Damned / The Widow's Breed [Slaves of the Shadow Realm] on the Napalm Records label.
09:40 PM- Paragnosis / Better Off Dead [Clarity in Three (Redux)] on the Self-released label.
09:36 PM- Letheria / Pestchrist [Death - Principle] on the Saturnal label.
09:29 PM- Disciples of the Void / Home of the Once Brave (Bathory cover) [Disciples of the Void] on the Primitive Reaction label.
09:26 PM- Destroyer Attack / Black Poison Rebirth [Solve Et Coagula] on the Morbid Skull label.
09:23 PM- Venom / Bring Out Your Dead [Storm the Gates] on the Spinefarm Records label.
09:20 PM- Leila Adbul-Rauf / Abjure [Diminution] on the 744046 Records DK label.
09:13 PM- Valkyrja / Opposer of Light [Thrones Ablaze] on the WTC Productions label.
09:10 PM- Lydia Laska / Funeral Fist [Ego Death] on the Edged Circle Records label.
09:07 PM- Krakow / Sirens [Minus] on the Karisma Records label.
09:06 PM- Riot Horse / Shadows of the Moon [Cold Hearted Woman] on the Metalville Records label.