ktru playsheet

silk roads

from Thu 12/10/2020 02:58:00 PM until Thu 12/10/2020 05:15:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

05:29 PM- darren espanto / believe in christmas [believe in christmas] on the mca music label.
05:22 PM- dystinct / ya la laa [ya la laa] on the avalon music / hnsty music label.
05:18 PM- the chairs / dreaming with you [lemonade] on the sound of tomorrow label.
05:15 PM- gfriend / mago [walpurgis night] on the source music label.
05:11 PM- bxk / noyb [fly high] on the new planet entertainment label.
05:08 PM- dhanush, vivek - mervin / chill bro (from "pattas") [chill bro (from "pattas")] on the lahari recording company label.
05:04 PM- dpr live, crush,eaj / jam & butterfly [jam & butterfly] on the dream perfect regime (dpr) label.
05:01 PM- katie / our time [our time is blue] on the axis label.
04:56 PM- band-maid / different [different] on the nippon crown co. label.
04:52 PM- boa / better [better - the 10th album] on the sm entertainment label.
04:49 PM- iz*one / panorama [one-reeler / act iv] on the off the record entertainment label.
04:45 PM- phao, wack, kaiz / 2 phut hon [ kaiz remix ] [2 phut hon ( kaiz remix )] on the s/r label.
04:40 PM- tlinh, rpt mck / em la chau bau [em la chau bau] on the pnj label.
04:36 PM- chanmina, sky-hi / holy moly holy night [holy moly holy night] on the warner music japan label.
04:34 PM- enhypen / given-taken [border : day one] on the belift lab label.
04:30 PM- aespa / black mamba [black mamba] on the sm entertainment label.
04:28 PM- monsta x / love killa [fatal love] on the starship entertainment label.
04:24 PM- bts / life goes on [be] on the bighit entertainmnt label.
04:21 PM- bling bling / g.g.b. [g.g.b.] on the major9 label.
04:17 PM- up10tion / destiny [light up] on the top media label.
04:13 PM- jr.exile / way to the glory [way to the glory] on the avex entertainment label.
04:11 PM- the boyz / christmassy! [the boyz special single 'christmassy!'] on the cre.ker entertainment label.
04:08 PM- alex chou / smoke [smoke] on the m.star entertainment label.
04:04 PM- khalas / shokran (thank you) [ma adesh feeha (we've had it)] on the s/r label.
04:00 PM- gulab sidhu, sidhu moose wala / bai bai [bai bai] on the 5911 records label.
03:55 PM- ap dhillon, gminxr, gurinder gill, shinda khalon / brown munde [brown munde] on the run-up records label.
03:51 PM- jamie / 5 christmas languages [5 christmas languages] on the warner music korea label.
03:46 PM- nhat tinh anh, thuy chi / vang trang khoc [trai tim cua gio] on the viettel media company label.
03:41 PM- janice vidal / winter wonderland - studio live [a reason to rejoice (studio live)] on the warner music hong kong label.
03:38 PM- reynmen / melek [melek] on the houze istanbul label.
03:36 PM- saif nabeel / galbak aswad [galbak aswad] on the s/r label.
03:31 PM- k-clique, aj / pulang [pulang] on the k-clique records label.
03:27 PM- billkin / skyline [skyline] on the nadao music label.
03:24 PM- phao, wack / 2 phut hon - remake [2 phut hon (remake)] on the sky music label.
03:19 PM- twice / better [better] on the warner music japan label.
03:16 PM- kai / mmmh [kai - the 1st mini album] on the sm entertainment label.
03:12 PM- stayc / so bad [star to a young culture] on the high up entertainment label.
03:09 PM- stray kids / all in [all in] on the sony music label.
03:05 PM- natty / teddy bear [teddy bear] on the swing entertainment, stone music entertainment label.