ktru playsheet


from Sun 02/10/2019 06:00:00 PM until Sun 02/10/2019 07:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

06:57 PM- johnie lewis / hobo blues [johnie lewis alabama slide guitar] on the arhoolie label.
06:53 PM- mason jennings / if you ain't got love [boneclouds] on the glacial pace/epic records label.
06:50 PM- june / stripteaser [i am beautiful] on the beggars banquet label.
06:47 PM- unknown artist / unknown title [folk and pop sounds of sumatra vol 1] on the sublime frequencies label.
06:43 PM- sebadoh / too pure [harmacy] on the sub pop label.
06:41 PM- lambchop / directions to the can [flotus] on the merge label.
06:38 PM- the mr t experience / i'm like yeah but she's all no [love is dead] on the lookout label.
06:36 PM- infernal bridegroom productions / davey says [in the under thunderloo] on the s/r label.
06:33 PM- gallo, ron / it's all gonna be okay [stardust birthday party] on the new west label.
06:30 PM- danny and the nightmares / lost hero of rock n roll [the end is near again] on the cool beans label.
06:26 PM- viagra boys / sports [street worms] on the s/r label.
06:23 PM- professor sunny agaga & his lucky stars / igbesi aiye wa [lucky stars & rosy mornings] on the original music label.
06:20 PM- various / gulaabi puvu [doob doob o rama2] on the normal label.
06:15 PM- spesh / leaves [famous world] on the killroom label.
06:11 PM- she-devils / the world laughs [s/t] on the secretly candian label.
06:07 PM- shonen knife / explosion [brand new knife] on the rca label.
06:02 PM- takao / boat [stealth] on the em label.
05:59 PM- cursive / under the rainbow [vitriola] on the 15 passenger label.