ktru playsheet


from Wed 10/11/2017 01:00:00 PM until Wed 10/11/2017 03:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

02:55 PM- l.a. tool and die / jesus saved me at the record show [fashion for the evildoer] on the aaj records label.
02:50 PM- shitkid / likagurl [fish] on the pnk slm label.
02:46 PM- free radicals / allen parkway village [our lady of eternal sunny delights] on the bmi label.
02:43 PM- dog faced hermans / peace warriors [bump and swing] on the konkurrel label.
02:37 PM- deltron 3030 / memory loss [the instrumentals] on the 75 ark label.
02:33 PM- grieves / what it dew [running wild] on the rhymesayers label.
02:29 PM- rollins band / spilling over the side [come in and burn] on the dreamworks label.
02:26 PM- bubblemath / avoid that eye candy [edit peptide] on the cuneiform label.
02:23 PM- baby jesus / feel for you girl [took our sons away] on the yippee ki yay records label.
02:16 PM- awakening / shadow of the snake [blues funeral] on the s/r label.
02:10 PM- v/a / sex mob [thirsty ear blue series] on the thirsty ear label.
02:04 PM- devils workshop big band / have a little faith in me [idle hands] on the s/r label.
02:00 PM- reverend horton heat / revival [revival] on the yep roc records label.
01:55 PM- iron & wine / thomas county law [beast epic] on the sub pop label.
01:50 PM- pecos hank / sinful refrain [el reno blues] on the splice records label.
01:47 PM- giant kitty / dont stop that bus [this stupid stuff] on the innsbruck records label.
01:46 PM- dollie barnes / phantom joke [caught in a phase] on the s/r label.
01:41 PM- butthole surfers / cowboy bob [pcppep] on the latino bugger veil label.
01:36 PM- v/a / locomotive god [pulled from the wreckage] on the grass records label.
01:32 PM- a giant dog / toy gun [toy] on the merge label.
01:27 PM- wayne hancock / juke joint jumpin [thunderstorms and neon signs] on the deja disc label.
01:24 PM- hot flash heat wave / bye bye baby [soaked] on the oim label.
01:20 PM- crazy alice / a lot to learn [wheel] on the sonic bubblegum label.
01:13 PM- dick dale / temple of gizen [calling up spirits] on the beggars banquet label.
01:08 PM- com truise / ephemeron [iteration] on the ghostly international label.
01:05 PM- pink, ariel / feels like heaven [dedicated to bobby jameson] on the mexican summer label.
01:02 PM- del tha funkee homosapian / sleepin on my couch [the best of...] on the elektra label.