ktru playsheet

Shablis, BrendanL
mutant hardcore

from Thu 03/12/2020 10:00:00 PM until Thu 03/12/2020 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

01:03 AM- AC/DC / You Ain't Got A hold on me ['74 Jailbreak] on the Atlantic label.
12:58 AM- The Coathangers / Sex Beat [Split single w/ These Arms are Snakes] on the Suicide Squeeze label.
12:55 AM- Pixies / River Euphrates [Surfer Rosa] on the 4AD label.
12:50 AM- The Good The Bad / 009 + 010 [From 001 to 017] on the The Unsigned Records label.
12:48 AM- Six minus one / Fun and games [Train to Nowhere] on the Norton label.
12:43 AM- The Rolling Stones / Stray Cat Blues [Beggars Banquet] on the London label.
12:40 AM- The Distillers / Hall of Mirrors [Coral Fang] on the Sire / Warner Bros label.
12:35 AM- The Gories / Six Cold Feet [I know you fine, but how you doin'] on the Crypt label.
12:32 AM- the 13th Floor Elevators / You don't know [The psychedelic sounds of] on the International artits label.
12:28 AM- Social Distortion / Anti-Fashion + All the Answers [Mommy's Little Monster] on the Craft label.
12:24 AM- Dead Ghosts / Roky Said [Can't Get No] on the Burger Records label.
12:18 AM- Adolescents / No Way + Amoeba [S/T] on the Frontier label.
12:15 AM- MC5 / Kick out the Jams [Kick out the Jams] on the Elektra label.
12:13 AM- The Thermals / God and Country [Fuckin A] on the SubPop label.
12:10 AM- The Carbonas / I'm a Schiso [S/T] on the Goner label.
12:06 AM- The Murder City Devils / Press Gang [In Name and Blood] on the Sub Pop label.
12:02 AM- The Paranoyds / Ratboy [Carnage Bargain] on the Suicide Squeeze label.
11:57 PM- Hunters / Blackheart [S/T] on the Mom + Pop label.
11:53 PM- The Coathangers / Make it Right [Nosebleed Weekend] on the Suicide Squeeze label.
11:49 PM- Husker Du / Real World + Deadly Skies [Metal Circus] on the SST label.
11:44 PM- Spacemen 3 / Losing touch with my mind [sound of confusion] on the Fire Records label.
11:42 PM- dead milkmen / take me to the specialist [bucky felini] on the ryko label.
11:39 PM- subhumans / mickey mouse is dead [the day the country died] on the bluurg records label.
11:37 PM- zero boys / civilization's dying [vicious circle] on the secretly canadian label.
11:34 PM- avail / virus [dixie] on the epitaph label.
11:32 PM- teenage bottlerocket / call in sick [they came from the shadows] on the fat wreck chords label.
11:29 PM- alkaline trio / take lots with alcohol [from here to infirmary] on the vagrant records label.
11:18 PM- the stooges / i'm sick of you [heavy liquid] on the easy action label.
11:16 PM- the muffs / sick of this old world [no holiday] on the omnivore recordings label.
11:13 PM- fugazi / give me the cure [13 songs] on the dischord records label.
11:10 PM- the outcasts / you're a disease [the punk singles collection] on the anagram records label.
11:08 PM- pears / the world is ending (sorta) [human movement] on the fat wreck chords label.
11:03 PM- bad religion / infected [stranger than fiction] on the epitaph label.
10:59 PM- the queers / like a parasite [punk rock confidential] on the all star records label.
10:54 PM- at the drive in / quarantined [relationship of command] on the transgressive records label.
10:50 PM- bauhaus / st. vitus dance [in the flat field] on the 4ad label.
10:48 PM- ramones / you sound like you're sick [pleasant dreams] on the rhino/warner records label.
10:45 PM- sniper 66 / epidemic [annihilator] on the evacuate records label.
10:42 PM- adolescents / ameboa [adolescents] on the frontier label.
10:38 PM- skeleton dick / family day at the clinic [moist n' frothy] on the s/r label.
10:37 PM- nofx / gonoherpasyphilaids [ribbed] on the epitaph label.
10:31 PM- smoking popes / rubella [born to quit] on the capitol records label.
10:26 PM- gang of four / love like anthrax [entertainment!] on the EMI label.
10:25 PM- the upsetters / influenza dub [hurt so good] on the trojan records label.
10:24 PM- x-ray spex / germ free adolescents [germ free adolescents] on the castle communications label.
10:19 PM- who said you could touch me? / afi [very proud of ya] on the nitro label.
10:18 PM- pears / the flu [green star] on the fat wreck chords label.
10:14 PM- X / nausea [los angeles] on the fat possum label.
10:10 PM- the virus / rats in the city [nowhere to hide] on the punk core label.
10:09 PM- dead kennedys / government flu [plastic surgery disasters] on the alternative tentacles label.
10:06 PM- the pathogens / solid state [we're catchy] on the zafio records label.
10:04 PM- dogs / teenage fever [les plus grande succes du punk] on the skydog label.
10:00 PM- Minutemen / Corona [double nickels on the dime] on the SST label.