ktru playsheet

HelenB, AzalechH

from Mon 11/27/2017 02:00:00 PM until Mon 11/27/2017 04:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

03:58 PM- whit / for joseph [wait, what?] on the s/r label.
03:55 PM- bellissimo, jake / noise war [the good we've sewn] on the we were never being boring label.
03:51 PM- sumney, moses / lonely world [aromanticism] on the jagjaguwar label.
03:49 PM- scharsj / $10 [s/t] on the 76.2% records label.
03:44 PM- reverend jesse jackson; chuckee. / address to the democratic convention; [great speeches of the 20th century; clouds.] on the rhino records; s/r label.
03:41 PM- v/a / los skarnales [latin ska vol. ii] on the moon-ska records label.
03:38 PM- guthrie, woody / this land is your land [folkways: the original vision] on the smithsonian folkways records label.
03:35 PM- makthaverskan / witness [iii] on the run for cover label.
03:32 PM- sharp, elliot & charlotte hug / take it on the bridge [pi:k] on the emanem label.
03:29 PM- noforonin-dratsiambkaina hirain-drazaivelo and christine zanany / miverena rahavana [hot women singers from the torrid regions of the world] on the kein and aber label.
03:22 PM- avey tare / season high [eucalyptus] on the domino label.
03:17 PM- art perpper and the hollywood all-stars / my funny valentine [art standards] on the galaxy records label.
03:12 PM- janka nabay and the bubu gang / feba [en yay sah] on the luaka bop label.
03:08 PM- mahal, taj / oh lord, things are gettin' crazy up in here [senor blues] on the private music label.
03:05 PM- brave combo / o, christmas [it's christmas, man!] on the rounder records label.
03:01 PM- st. vincent / savior [masseduction] on the loma vista label.
02:59 PM- torres / helen in the woods [three futures] on the 4ad label.
02:49 PM- bob marley & the wailers / burnin' & looting'; them belly full [easy skanking in boston '78] on the tuff gong label.
02:45 PM- magna carda / back then [somewhere between] on the s/r label.
02:40 PM- lord shorty / kim [calypso: vintage songsfrom the carribean] on the putumayo world music label.
02:37 PM- gang of four / damaged goods [entertainment!] on the warner bros. label.
02:33 PM- washington, kamasi / integrity [harmony of difference] on the young turks label.
02:29 PM- killer kaya / i don't know [29 lives] on the s/r label.
02:26 PM- bibi ganga and the selenites / be africa [dunya] on the nat geo music label.
02:20 PM- brave combo / eloina's marbles [polkas for a gloomy world] on the rounder records label.
02:17 PM- midnight sister / shimmy [saturn over sunset] on the jagjaguwar label.
02:13 PM- yamamoto, ai / dreaming of swimming in green emerald water [melatonin: meditations on sound in sleep] on the room40 label.
02:10 PM- bell, caretta / lost together [ephphatha] on the coy records label.
02:07 PM- dey, katie / only to trip and fall down again [flood network] on the joy void records label.
02:03 PM- pink, ariel / another weekend [dedicated to bobby jameson] on the mexican summer label.