ktru playsheet


from Mon 12/02/2019 05:01:00 PM until Mon 12/02/2019 06:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

05:57 PM- the lovely feathers / in the valley [the hind hind legs] on the - label.
05:52 PM- sea wolf / black leaf falls [leaves in the river] on the dangerbird label.
05:44 PM- crush the junta / walk in time [hermanos de la muerte] on the carbon records label.
05:40 PM- peaer / joke [a healthy earth] on the tiny engines label.
05:35 PM- alcorn, susan / second turning of the wheel [and i await... the resurrection of the pedal steel guitar] on the olde english spelling bee label.
05:29 PM- clipping. / nothing is safe [there existed an addiction to blood] on the sub pop label.
05:24 PM- fennez + sakamoto / 0424 [flumina] on the touch label.
05:20 PM- dead neighbors / fake [without] on the s/r label.
05:19 PM- sleigh bells / infinity guitars [treats] on the mom + pop label.
05:10 PM- swans / amnesia [leaving meaning] on the young god label.
05:07 PM- lilys / shovel into spade kit [better can't make your life better] on the - label.
05:03 PM- kishi bashi / marigolds [omoiyari] on the joyful noise label.