ktru playsheet


from Thu 02/08/2018 12:00:00 AM until Thu 02/08/2018 02:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

02:00 AM- arcade fire / the suburbs [the suburbs] on the merge label.
01:58 AM- destroyer / stay lost [ken] on the merge label.
01:53 AM- modest mouse / polar opposites [the lonesome crowded west] on the up label.
01:50 AM- lightning bolt / 2morro morro land [hypermagic mountain] on the load label.
01:46 AM- lekman jens / you are the light [you are the light] on the secretly canadian label.
01:42 AM- asobi seksu / thursday [citrus] on the friendly fire label.
01:37 AM- like a fox / nobody knows you [s/t] on the tappersize label.
01:35 AM- folksong / sanan, my weetheart [music of central asia, uzbekistan] on the king label.
01:32 AM- des demonas / teen stooge [s/r] on the in the red label.
01:31 AM- bill ding / make it pretty [trust in god, but tie up your camel] on the hefty label.
01:25 AM- suicide / ghost rider [suicide] on the red star label.
01:22 AM- blake babies / lament [innocence and experience] on the mammoth records label.
01:16 AM- king krule / czech one [the ooz] on the true panther label.
01:10 AM- stevens, sufjan / drawn to blood [the greatest gift] on the asthmatic kitty label.
01:09 AM- duh / mmmmmaniac [the unholy handjob] on the mordam records label.
01:05 AM- the jam / man in the corner shop [sound affects] on the polydor label.
01:02 AM- julien baker / everybody does [sprained ankle] on the 6131 label.
12:53 AM- animal collective / chocolate girl [sprit they're gone, spirit they've vanished] on the fatcat label.
12:46 AM- lcd soundsystem / get innocuous! [sound of silver] on the parlophone label.
12:4!0 AM- el lago / tentative threads [colors] on the miss champagne label.
12:36 AM- the lee boys / say yes! [say yes!] on the arhoolie label.
12:32 AM- drumhead / sherman [drumhead] on the bliss tone label.
12:28 AM- blonde redhead / futurism vs passeism part 2 [in an expression of the inexpressible] on the touch andgo label.
12:23 AM- death of lovers / the lowly people [the acrobat] on the dais records label.
12:19 AM- sean morales / video life [call it in] on the super secret label.
12:15 AM- pollens / close [mister manufacture] on the s/r label.
12:15 AM- the f.u.'s / green beret [this is boston, not l.a.] on the wicked disc label.
12:09 AM- kej, ricky / one song [shanti samsara] on the s/r label.
12:06 AM- kissing book / on the third time [lines & color] on the magic marker label.