ktru playsheet


from Fri 12/11/2020 04:15:00 PM until Fri 12/11/2020 05:15:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

05:13 PM- lydia mendoza / feliz sin ti [tejano roots] on the arhoolie productions label.
05:11 PM- kid rhino / schooby-doo, where are you! [scooby-doo's snack tracks] on the hanna-barbera productions label.
05:08 PM- conjunto bernal / mi unico camino [tejano roots] on the arhoolie productions label.
05:06 PM- teletubbies / twisty dance [teletubbies the album] on the kid rhino label.
05:03 PM- los coast / cymatics [samsara] on the new west label.
04:57 PM- richard dawson / two halves [2020] on the weird world label.
04:56 PM- the strokes / under cover of darkness [angles] on the rca label.
04:50 PM- neon indian / dear skorpio magazine [vega intl. night school] on the mom+pop label.
04:45 PM- cfm / river [soundtrack to an empty room] on the in the red label.
04:41 PM- grand vapids / disjecta [eat the shadow] on the s/r label.
04:39 PM- carbon leaf / the friendship song [curious george 2 follow that monkey] on the denon records label.
04:35 PM- neon indian / annie [vega intl. night school] on the mom+pop label.
04:30 PM- monoshock / chicken lover [walk to the fire] on the blackjack label.
04:28 PM- skylark / the tryst [all of it] on the green linnet label.
04:26 PM- bridal party / too much [too much] on the kingfisher bluez label.
04:22 PM- radiohead / reckoner [in rainbows] on the sr/so label.
04:17 PM- midnight movies / strange design [s/t] on the emperor norton label.
04:13 PM- monks of doom / virtual lover [forgery] on the irs records label.