ktru playsheet


from Sun 02/21/2021 07:57:00 PM until Sun 02/21/2021 09:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

08:57 PM- saint etienne / shoot out the lights [interlude] on the sub pop label.
08:53 PM- bjork / nattura [biophilia] on the nonesuch label.
08:49 PM- roots radics / young banana dub [12 inches of dub] on the vp label.
08:47 PM- ladytron / mu-tron [604] on the emporer norton records / invicta hi-hi records label.
08:41 PM- ticklah ft mayra vega / si hecho palante [latin reggae] on the putumayo world music label.
08:38 PM- (sandy) alex g / southern sky [house of sugar] on the domino label.
08:34 PM- los destellos / a patricia [the roots of chicha] on the barbes label.
08:30 PM- hot chip / bathfull of ecstasy [a bathful of ecstasy] on the domino label.
08:28 PM- stereolab / ping pong [mars audiac quintet] on the elektra label.
08:22 PM- beach house / new year [bloom] on the sub pop label.
08:18 PM- levitation room / mr. polydactyl cat [headspace] on the greenway label.
08:15 PM- os mutantes / baby [s/t] on the omplatten label.
08:11 PM- of montreal / wraith pinned to the mist and other games [the sunlandic twins] on the polyvinyl label.
08:07 PM- y la bamba / gabriel [entre los dos] on the tender loving empire label.
08:03 PM- animal collective / bluish [merriweather post pavilion] on the domino records label.