ktru playsheet


from Fri 02/02/2018 04:02:00 PM until Fri 02/02/2018 06:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

05:58 PM- Dinosaur Jr. / Leper [In Session] on the Fuel 2000 Records label.
05:55 PM- Meatbodies / Disorder [Meatbodies] on the In The Red label.
05:51 PM- Crystal Antlers / Time Erased [Tentacles] on the Touch and Go label.
05:48 PM- The Nomads / Primordial Ooze [the Nomads] on the Sympathy For The Record Industry label.
05:42 PM- Honey Barbara / We Don't Know [Feed Lot Loop Hole] on the Emigre Music label.
05:39 PM- The Friggs / Bad Word For A Good Thing [The Friggs] on the Telstar Records label.
05:36 PM- Huevos Rancheros / Huevosaurus [Endsville] on the C/Z Records label.
05:34 PM- Oblivians / Pill Popper I [Go! Pill Popper] on the Drug Racer label.
05:26 PM- Red Bliss / Filmaker [Gateway To Joy] on the Axis Records label.
05:21 PM- Milksop Holly / Temporary Home [Milkweeds] on the Shimmy Disc label.
05:19 PM- Commandos / Psycho [Psycho / My Baby Loves Monster Movies] on the Jungle Records label.
05:13 PM- Matmos / Pelt And Holler [The Civil War] on the Matadork label.
05:08 PM- Meatbodies / Two [Meatbodies] on the In The Red label.
05:07 PM- Los Marauders / Los Maraudres [You Make Me Cum In My Pants] on the Teen Beat label.
05:04 PM- Lucky 7 / Love You Anyway [Feed The Snake] on the Restless/Buy Our Records label.
04:58 PM- Com Truise / When Will You Find The Limit [Iteration] on the Ghostly International label.
04:51 PM- Crocodile / (Pre) Daw of Stan [His Name is Stan and he's a bad Motherf**ckr] on the Self label.
04:47 PM- The Tuxedo Killers / Tasticle [Spinal Haircase] on the Moron Labs label.
04:41 PM- Alexandra Atnif / Adore & Detest [Rhythmic Brutalism Vol. 1] on the EM label.
04:38 PM- Lamb / Little Things [Fear Of Fours] on the Mercury label.
04:35 PM- Mountain Goats / Original Air - Blue Gown [Full Force Galesburg] on the Emperor Jones label.
04:32 PM- Alemayehu Eshete / Qotchegn Messassate [Ethiopiques] on the Buda Musique label.
04:28 PM- The Space Lady / I Had Too Much To Dream [Songs In The Key of Z - Vol II] on the Gammon label.
04:22 PM- Okkervil River / Comes Indiana Through The Smoke [Away] on the Ato label.
04:15 PM- Esmerine / Mechanics of Dominion [Mechanics of Dominion] on the Constellation label.
04:12 PM- Praxis / Cannibal (Heart Shape of The Iron Blade) [Metatron] on the Subharmonic label.
04:02 PM- Brubeck Trio / Jazzanians [Dave Brubeck: Trio Brubeck] on the Music Masters Jazz label.