ktru playsheet


from Sun 03/15/2020 05:01:00 PM until Sun 03/15/2020 07:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

07:10 PM- ligthning hopkins / good times here, better down the road [lightnin'!] on the arhoolie label.
07:07 PM- the independents / in the rain [back from the grave] on the s/r label.
07:03 PM- the mountain goats / pigs that ran straightaway into the water, triumph of [we shall all be healed] on the 4ad label.
06:55 PM- casper and the cookies / hey mr superstar [the optimist's club] on the happy happy birthday to me label.
06:50 PM- bim skala bim / train song [eyes and ears] on the bib records label.
06:46 PM- unknown mortal orchestra / thought ballune [unknown mortal orchestra] on the fat possum label.
06:41 PM- the real tuesday weld / l'amour et la morte [l'amour et la morte] on the kindercore records label.
06:39 PM- the essex green / chester [the essex green] on the elephant-6 label.
06:36 PM- scout niblett / no-ones wrong (giricocola) [i am] on the secretly canadian label.
06:25 PM- the paper chase / wait until i get my hands on you [now you are one of us] on the kill rock stars label.
06:23 PM- overwhelming colorfast / how it should be [sourdough] on the relativity records label.
06:21 PM- pansy division / the summer you let your hair grow out [wish i'd taken pictures] on the lookout! records label.
06:17 PM- panthers / my commodities have been fetishized [things are strange] on the vice label.
06:12 PM- the purrs / because i want to [the purrs] on the sarathan label.
06:09 PM- soul junk / all men are grass [1955] on the n/a label.
06:05 PM- ann peebles / bouncin' back [full time love] on the bullseye blues label.
06:01 PM- john mayall / maydell [wake up call] on the silvertone records label.
05:56 PM- cleoma falcom / blues negres [hot women] on the kein and aber label.
05:53 PM- skip james / lazy bones [skip's piano blues] on the genes label.
05:50 PM- lightnin' hopkins / at home blues [lightnin!] on the arhoolie label.
05:46 PM- steel blossoms / trailer neighbor [steel blossoms] on the billy jam records label.
05:43 PM- pan american / brewthru [a son] on the kranky label.
05:35 PM- pinky pinky / if it didn't hurt [turkey dinner] on the innovative leisure label.
05:31 PM- dead neighbors / dogfood [without] on the s/r label.
05:26 PM- glass beach / classic j dies and goes to hell pt 1 [the first glass beach album] on the cat castle label.
05:21 PM- guerilla toss / plants [what would the odd do?] on the nna tapes label.
05:15 PM- hot chip / no god [a bathful of ecstasy] on the domino label.
05:11 PM- kyd / skinny jeans [awkward i] on the antifragile label.
05:07 PM- charly bliss / feed [supermoon] on the barsuk label.
05:03 PM- marinara / regine3 [i feel like dog] on the s/r label.