ktru playsheet

ElisaM, SreyasM
world music

from Mon 01/29/2018 07:02:00 PM until Mon 01/29/2018 09:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

08:58 PM- damso / a. nawaar is the new black [ipseite] on the capitol music france label.
08:52 PM- caparezza / ti fa stare bene [prisoner 709] on the universal music italia srl label.
08:48 PM- vava / rap star [rap star] on the ainoko entertainment label.
08:43 PM- hawa dafi, busher abu saleh / enta meen [our story] on the samer jaradat productions label.
08:38 PM- ricky kej / elements [shanti samsara] on the music company label.
08:32 PM- luis fonsi, demi lovato / echame la culpa [echame la culpa] on the umg records label.
08:30 PM- ivan dorn / n/a [co'n'dorn] on the n/a label.
08:28 PM- payung teduh / akad [akad] on the parara records label.
08:25 PM- mika / elle me dit [the origin of love] on the casablanca music label.
08:22 PM- the red army choir / katyusha [the red army choir] on the silva america label.
08:17 PM- higher brothers, joji / nomadic [nomadic] on the cxshcnly label.
08:13 PM- sneazzy, nekfeu / skurt cobain [skurt cobain] on the believe recordings label.
08:10 PM- capo plaza, ava / giovana flouriclasse [giovane flouriclasse] on the sto records label.
08:05 PM- dadju, maitre gims / par amour [gentleman 2.0] on the amaterasu label.
08:02 PM- cro / bye bye [mtv unplugged] on the chimperator label.
08:01 PM- mhd / afro trap pt. 7 [afro trap pt. 7 (la puissance)] on the artside label.
07:57 PM- troye sivan / my my my! [my my my!] on the universal music australia pty ltd label.
07:53 PM- lot / was fur ein life [was fur ein life] on the click music publishing label.
07:48 PM- kk, k.s. chitra / uyirin uyire [kaakha kaakha (orginal motion picture soundtrack)] on the new music label.
07:41 PM- tokyo ska paradise orchestra / wake up! [ska me forever] on the sony entertainment music label.
07:39 PM- abstrakt idea / sensual sunrise-nujabes tribute [abstrakt idea] on the electrons music label.
07:35 PM- la caution / the a la menthe [meines de maures] on the wagram music label.
07:30 PM- karol g, bad bunny / ahora me llama [ahora me llama] on the dead bad bunny label.
07:29 PM- bashy, jareth / bring the lights down [bring the lights down] on the rags 2 riches label.
07:23 PM- omar souleyman / ala il hanash madgouga (the bedouin tattoo) [jazeera nights] on the sublime frequencies label.
07:20 PM- kyary pamyu pamyu / candy candy [candy candy] on the warner group japan label.
07:13 PM- ana tijoux / 1977 [1977] on the nacional records label.
07:10 PM- bausa / was du liebe nennst [was du liebe nennst] on the warner music group germany label.
07:07 PM- fatimah al-zaelaeyah / ya mun dakhal bahr al-hawa [qat, coffee &qambus] on the dust-to-digital label.