ktru playsheet


from Mon 09/09/2019 06:00:00 PM until Mon 09/09/2019 07:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

06:58 PM- better oblivion community center / exception to the rule [s/t] on the dead oceans label.
06:54 PM- tacocat / hologram [this mess is a place] on the sub pop label.
06:50 PM- dj alibi / react! [one day] on the tres label.
06:44 PM- green dome / chevrons [thinking in stitches] on the case study label.
06:38 PM- stove blow / shootout on acid [fancy trash] on the s/r label.
06:35 PM- various / apple walk [underwater peoples winter review 2010] on the underwater peoples label.
06:32 PM- behind the barber (feat rollerball) / chicalote [reading at the salon de nila] on the silber 33 label.
06:30 PM- mr. meridies / remember [s/t] on the friction media label.
06:29 PM- various / goat: goat salad surgery [canada day] on the lazy squid label.
06:26 PM- mr.meridies / sad thought [s/t] on the friction media label.
06:23 PM- mekons / sheffield park [fun90] on the twinstone label.
06:20 PM- lin, annie / city limit [mathpope] on the adriadne label.
06:13 PM- pearl crush / bend until u break [coax me out] on the poison moon label.
06:09 PM- seakid mollusk / probably last [s/t] on the s/r label.
06:05 PM- dreams / dreams [no one defeats us] on the astralwerks label.
06:02 PM- gauche / rectangle [a people's history of gauche] on the merge label.