ktru playsheet


from Wed 01/31/2018 03:01:00 PM until Wed 01/31/2018 05:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

05:00 PM- buckethead / caution drop [the day of the robot] on the submeta records label.
04:54 PM- drumhead / swamp [drumhead] on the bliss tone label.
04:49 PM- yoko ono / why [plastic ono band] on the rykodisc label.
04:44 PM- jess williamson / see you in a dream [heart song] on the brutal honest label.
04:41 PM- wilco / shouldn't be ashamed [a.m] on the sire records label.
04:35 PM- tee vee / angel eyes [soft spot] on the miss champagne label.
04:31 PM- white widow / white widow [glowing x] on the s/r label.
04:27 PM- albert hammond, jr / strange tidings [ahj] on the cult records label.
04:23 PM- destroyer / tinseltown swimming in blood [ken] on the merge records label.
04:16 PM- melody beecher / what's on your mind [sugar candy] on the world enterprise label.
04:13 PM- deerhoof / l'amour stories [apple o'] on the kill rock stars label.
04:10 PM- drunken thunder / hollywood junk [oro de tontos] on the s/r label.
04:08 PM- rock band no 47 / hi diggy [you can never go home] on the no life label.
04:07 PM- the spontaneous music ensemble / part 1 [s/t] on the emanem label.
04:03 PM- torres / tounge slap you brain out [three futures] on the 4ad label.
03:54 PM- tv on the radio / wolf like me [return to cookie mountain] on the interscope label.
03:51 PM- mary lou newmark / bossa coyote [room to breathe] on the green angel label.
03:49 PM- the slpash four / telstar man [kicks in style] on the eau de estrus label.
03:45 PM- king krule / czech one [the ooz] on the true panther label.
03:42 PM- flao jimenez / la primer noche de mayo [un mojado sin licencia] on the arhoolie label.
03:33 PM- dead meadow / good moanin' [shivering king and others] on the matador label.
03:29 PM- buxton / boys of nine [nothing here seems strange] on the new west label.
03:23 PM- courtney barnett and kurt vile / over everything [lotta sea lice] on the matador label.
03:19 PM- they migh be giants / snail shell [john henry] on the elektra label.
03:14 PM- shredders / holy moses [dangerous jumps] on the doomtree label.
03:10 PM- beach house / myth [bloom] on the sub pop label.
03:05 PM- hank crawford / don't get around much anymore [low flame high heat] on the m label.