ktru playsheet


from Tue 12/26/2017 07:13:00 AM until Tue 12/26/2017 10:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

09:40 AM- makthaverskan / comfort [iii] on the run for cover label.
09:35 AM- acrobat, the / the lowly people [death of lovers] on the dais records label.
09:32 AM- destroyer / sometimes in the world [ken] on the merge label.
09:26 AM- cox, robin / mad river echo [ghost of time] on the iridian label.
09:21 AM- july, miranda / hotel voulez-vous [a million hours a mile] on the dub narcotic label.
09:16 AM- mary lou newmark / la loba wolf woman [room to breathe] on the s/r label.
09:11 AM- tee vee / angel eyes [soft spot] on the miss champagne label.
09:09 AM- half japanese / monkey hand [bone head] on the alternative tentacles label.
09:05 AM- memoryhouse / to the lighthouse [the years] on the subpop label.
09:01 AM- doldrums / we awake [the air conditioned nightmare] on the subpop label.
08:59 AM- seksu, asobi / walk on the moon [s/t] on the s/r label.
08:53 AM- bearsuit / welcome bearsuit space hotel [cat spectacular!] on the microindie label.
08:47 AM- fujii, satoko / then i met you [april shower] on the ewe label.
08:44 AM- local natives / psycho lovers [sunlit youth] on the loma vista label.
08:39 AM- mashrou leila / ashabi [ibn el leil] on the shoop shoop label.
08:35 AM- bliss / knock the body down [grafted to an elbow] on the patois cargo label.
08:29 AM- courtney barnett and kurt vile / blue cheese [lotta sea lice] on the matador label.
08:23 AM- elf power / nothing's going to happen [nothing's going to happen] on the orange twin label.
08:13 AM- godspeed you! black emperor / anthem for no state [luciferian towers] on the constellation label.
08:05 AM- halley, rich / intransigence [umatilla variations] on the 9winds label.
07:54 AM- him / law [egg] on the southern label.
07:51 AM- archetti, luigi / track 10 [null] on the die schatchel label.
07:45 AM- fog / ghoul expert [s/t] on the ninjatune label.
07:43 AM- flour / cyanized [fourth and final] on the touch & go label.
07:39 AM- the julie ruin / breakout a-town [s/t] on the krs label.
07:35 AM- the walkmen / stop talking [everyone who pretended to like me is gone] on the star time label.
07:31 AM- the soft moon / circles [s/t] on the captured tracks label.
07:26 AM- interpol / take you on a cruise [antics] on the matador label.
07:24 AM- sleater kinney / the end of you [the hot rock] on the code word nemesis label.
07:22 AM- beliefs / 1994 [habitat] on the hand draw dracula label.
07:16 AM- frame / dead end [state of mind] on the concierge label.
07:13 AM- wolf alice / planet hunter [visions of a life] on the rca label.