ktru playsheet

RosaG, BrendanM
mutant hardcore

from Thu 09/13/2018 10:06:00 PM until Thu 09/13/2018 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

01:00 AM- ZZ Top / Down Browine [Rio Grand Mud] on the London label.
12:55 AM- Necros / Police Brutality + A.S.F.B. [Conquest For Death] on the Aggressive Rockproduktioen label.
12:52 AM- Man or Astroman? / Defcon 5 [Dedcon 5,4,3,2,1] on the Warm Records label.
12:49 AM- Burn What Binds / Cause And Defect [S/T 7"] on the Still Here Records label.
12:46 AM- Hot Water Music / Alachua [Alachua 7"] on the No Idea Records label.
12:44 AM- The Headcoats / Mantrap [Heavens to Murgatroid, Even! It's The Headcoats] on the SubPop label.
12:40 AM- Fugazi / Epic Problem [The Argument] on the Dischord label.
12:38 AM- My Luck / Dead [...Is Frozen] on the Youngblood label.
12:36 AM- Drunken Thunder / Speak Now [Split 7" W/ Bulemics] on the AJI Records label.
12:27 AM- Murder City Devils / Feilds of Fire + Hybrid Moment [In Name And Blood] on the SubPop label.
12:24 AM- Screeching Weasel / Runaway + I hate Led Zepplin [Boogadaboogadaboogada] on the Road Kill label.
12:21 AM- Restless Youth / Too Much + Make it Brun [State Of Confusion E.P.] on the Painkiller Records label.
12:17 AM- Dinosaur Jr. / How'd You Pin That One On Me [Green Mind] on the Sire / Warner Bros. label.
12:13 AM- The Havenots + The Dispicables / Patriotism + Were Not Gonna Change [Texas Bashing II] on the Kaniption Records label.
12:09 AM- Terminal Cheesecake / Hello Skinny [Angels in Pigtails] on the Pathological label.
12:06 AM- Social Distortion / The Creeps (I Just Want To Give You) [Mommy's Little Monster] on the 13th Floor Records label.
12:04 AM- F-Minus / Sweating Blood [Sweating Blood] on the Bridge Nine label.
11:59 PM- Corrsion Of Conformity / Tell Me + Minds Are Controlled [Eye for An Eye] on the No Core Records label.
11:47 PM- Godflesh / Monotremata [Pure] on the Erache label.
11:45 PM- Hickoids / Animal Husbandry [Hickoids] on the Matako Mazuri Records label.
11:41 PM- New York Dolls / Looking For A Kiss [New York Dolls] on the Mercury label.
11:39 PM- Sonic Youth / Touch Me I'm Sick [Touch My I'm Sick / Split w/ Mudhoney] on the SubPop / Glitter House label.
11:36 PM- Amdi Petersens Arme / En Borger Asfamfundet [Blot Swer Mere Virkelight Wd Pa Film] on the Havoc label.
11:33 PM- The Dead Milkmen / Bitchin Camaro [Big Lizard in My Back Yard] on the Fever Records label.
11:31 PM- Spunk / Gimme Some [Sniffits] on the Sound Virus label.
11:29 PM- Black Flag / American Waste [Six Pack 7"] on the SST label.
11:28 PM- The Mono Men / Kick out The Jams [10 Cool Ones] on the Scat label.
11:25 PM- jamaica / bohanna [7"] on the scepter recoprds label.
11:22 PM- palace music / work hard [viva last blues] on the palace label.
11:20 PM- the seeds / can't seem to make you mine [7"] on the gnp label.
11:14 PM- pere ubu / real world [360 degrees of simulated stereo] on the rough trade label.
11:08 PM- cinderella backstreet / white light / white heat [7"] on the forced exposure label.
11:04 PM- electric eels / spinach blasters [eyeballs of hell] on the scat label.
11:01 PM- mirrors / you me love [those were different times] on the scat label.
10:56 PM- the styrenes / nineteen sixtyseven [those were different times] on the scat label.
10:48 PM- rocket from the tombs / what love is [the day the earth met the rocket form the tombs] on the smog veil label.
10:46 PM- rachel sweet / baby let's play [7"] on the stiff records label.
10:43 PM- desmond dekker / the israelites [7"] on the uni label.
10:40 PM- the fits / bored of education [7"] on the uglly pop label.
10:38 PM- the parting gifts / my baby tonight [strychnine dandelinion] on the in the red label.
10:37 PM- diana ross and the supremes / going down for tehe 3rd time [7"] on the motown label.
10:26 PM- red red meat / idiot son [idiot son 10"] on the sub pop (germany) label.
10:22 PM- the ex / soon all cities [27 passports] on the ex records label.
10:18 PM- radio birdman / crying sun [living eyes] on the trafalgar label.
10:14 PM- rangda / idol's eye [formerly extinct] on the drag city label.
10:10 PM- soda fraise / c'a baigne dans l'huile [7"] on the sing sing label.
10:08 PM- dead moon / too many people [7"] on the mississippi records label.
10:08 PM- nick lowe / sound of breaking glass [jesus of cool] on the yep rock label.