ktru playsheet


from Thu 04/01/2021 10:31:00 PM until Thu 04/01/2021 11:30:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

11:29 PM- asobi seksu / thursday [citrus] on the friendly fire recordings label.
11:23 PM- cherushii & maria minerva / a day without you [cherushii & maria minerva] on the 100% silk label.
11:20 PM- cmat / i wanna be a cowboy, baby! [i wanna be a cowboy, baby! - single] on the diet baby label.
11:15 PM- broadcast / tears in the typing pool [tender buttons] on the warp records label.
11:12 PM- gwen stefani / wind it up [the sweet escape] on the interscope records label.
11:09 PM- erykah badu / woo [worldwide underground] on the motown records label.
11:04 PM- planningtorock / somethings more painful than others [powerhouse] on the human level label.
10:59 PM- coco & clair clair / sunnyside (ft. isabella lovestory) [sunnyside - single] on the 741803 records label.
10:55 PM- mileena / seasonal lovin' [look at me - single] on the 655309 records dk label.
10:51 PM- greentea peng / hu man [hu man - single] on the amf records label.
10:47 PM- bjork / all is full of love [bjork's greatest hits] on the elektra entertainment label.
10:42 PM- winter / say [endless space (between you & i)] on the bar/none records label.
10:40 PM- helen reddy / i am woman [i am woman] on the capitol records label.
10:36 PM- shygirl / beauts [beauts - single] on the pda label.