ktru playsheet

la calle bota fuego

from Sun 02/21/2021 10:30:00 PM until Sun 02/21/2021 11:30:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

11:29 PM- kiddie gang / morfina [morfina] on the finesse label.
11:25 PM- tech grl / dale dale [dale dale] on the kinkon label.
11:22 PM- lizz / embalao [embalao] on the umg label.
11:20 PM- ricci motora / outfit de clase [outfit de clase] on the neoperreo label label.
11:16 PM- bea pelea / si no te vuelvo a ver [reggaeton romantico vol. 1] on the bea pelea label.
11:11 PM- rosa pistola / pikete [pikete] on the rosa pistola label.
11:07 PM- audri nix / inevitable [el nuevo orden vol 1] on the anix label.
11:02 PM- melymel / cuando salimos [dragon queen] on the dimoder label.
10:59 PM- bad gyal / candela [worldwide angel] on the puro records label.
10:55 PM- rosa pistola / dime klk [rosa pistola presenta la tiguerita] on the rosa pistola label.
10:52 PM- luna ki / rivotril [rivotril] on the luna ki label.
10:50 PM- autotune angel / pulpito reversible [pulpito reversible] on the la vendicion label.
10:47 PM- rakky ripper / coyote [xtra cost - ep] on the rakky ripper label.
10:43 PM- cazzu / c14torce iv [c14torce iv] on the umg label.
10:39 PM- alina / hoy me toca a mi [hoy me toca a mi] on the respect the flow music label.
10:35 PM- la tirita / belen aguilera [la tirita] on the must producciones label.
10:33 PM- rakky ripper / dame y vete [xtra cost - ep] on the rakky ripper label.