ktru playsheet

genetic memory

from Mon 10/07/2019 10:00:00 PM until Tue 10/08/2019 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

12:54 AM- ru-486 / the humble hempen cord (featuring erin powell) [romanian abattoirs] on the destructive industries label.
12:47 AM- future blondes / 2016 p.i.r.o.s. [unity pure ep2] on the human non/compound rec label.
12:39 AM- linus pauling quartet / lost in darkness and distance [linus pauling quartet] on the september gurls label.
12:11 AM- scorces / breath threads [scorces] on the wholly other label.
12:05 AM- garden medium / glechoma hederacea [garden medium] on the chiastic society label.
11:59 PM- brown whornet / good feelin' [loads of nuggets] on the brown whornet label.
11:53 PM- ut / i.d. [in gut's house] on the blast first / mute records label.
11:50 PM- goldchilde / unknown title [golden teacher] on the banana tapes label.
11:45 PM- killdozer / i am, i said [little baby buntin'] on the touch and go label.
11:39 PM- the geraldine fibbers / you doo right [butch] on the virgin label.
11:33 PM- sun city girls / space prophet dogon [torch of the mystics] on the abduction label.
11:21 PM- deep cross / the dripping unknown [deep cross] on the somatic label.
11:18 PM- big star / holocaust (demo) [complete third vol. 1: demos to sessions to roughs] on the omnivore label.
11:12 PM- astrogenic hallucinauting / myrmicine spy [abian space] on the manipulate label.
11:07 PM- us maple / apollo, don't you crust [talker] on the drag city label.
11:01 PM- rotten piece / as the drama begins to unfold [the archer and the fiddler] on the lazy squid rekkids label.
10:42 PM- pedestrian deposit / shifted snake [the architector] on the monorail trespassing label.
10:29 PM- can / waiting for the streetcar [the lost tapes 1968-1975] on the spoon label.
10:24 PM- cut hands / rain washes over chaff [volume 1] on the dirtier/cargo label.
10:02 PM- v.c.k. / no homeless [3.2.17.] on the fantasy 1 label.