ktru playsheet

RosaG, BrendanM, ScottB
mutant hardcore

from Thu 02/07/2019 10:03:00 PM until Thu 02/07/2019 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

01:02 AM- superchunk / for tension [on the mouth] on the matador label.
01:02 AM- blondie / contact in red square [plastic letters] on the chrysalis label.
12:55 AM- the donnas / leather on leather [american teenage rock and roll] on the lookout label.
12:55 AM- hot snakes / i hate the kids [suicide invoice] on the swami label.
12:53 AM- goggs / space rinse [pre strike sweep] on the in the red label.
12:50 AM- the drags / modern man [set right fit to blow] on the estrus label.
12:47 AM- godflesh / like rats [streetcleaner] on the earache label.
12:46 AM- dinosaur jr. / the little baby [whatever's cool with me] on the wb label.
12:42 AM- sonic youth / what a waste [rather ripped] on the goofin' label.
12:39 AM- mr. airplane man / travelin' [c'mon dj] on the in the red label.
12:38 AM- descendents / suburban home [somery] on the sst label.
12:31 AM- oblivians / strong come on [popular favorites] on the crypt label.
12:30 AM- sheer mag / can't stop fighting [7"] on the static shock label.
12:25 AM- supersuckers / i like it all, man [paid] on the mid-fi label.
12:25 AM- lazy cowgirls / heartache [tipping the source] on the sympathy label.
12:24 AM- rocket from the tombs / muckracker [life stinks.] on the jack stack label.
12:20 AM- man or astro-man? / special agent conrad uno [your weight on the moon] on the estrus label.
12:19 AM- buffalo tom / staple [let me come over] on the situation two label.
12:15 AM- turbonegro / deathtime [ass cobra] on the sympathy label.
12:14 AM- the woggles / please leave my mind [7"] on the wicked cool label.
12:09 AM- lord high fixers / the ongoing saga of the side show bob syndrome [is your club a secret weapon?] on the estrus label.
12:05 AM- The Hellacopters / Like No Other Man [High Energy Rock N' Roll] on the Sweet Nothing label.
12:03 AM- ZZ Top / (Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your Tree [ZZ Top's First Album] on the London label.
11:58 PM- Fugazi / KYEO [Seady Diet of Nothing] on the Dischord label.
11:56 PM- The Detroit Cobras / Leave My Kitten Alone [Tied&True] on the Blootshot label.
11:52 PM- The Frights / Frat Kids [S/T] on the Postmark label.
11:48 PM- Black Lips / I Saw a Ghost (Lean) [Live At Third man] on the Third man label.
11:46 PM- Sleater-Kinney / Ironclad [All Hands On the Bad One] on the SubPop label.
11:43 PM- The Riverboat Gamblers / Catch Your Eye [Something to Crow About] on the Gearhead label.
11:41 PM- Ty Segall / Sunshine [Melted] on the Goner label.
11:39 PM- The Born Liars / Tenement of Love [Show Some Couth] on the Little T&A Records label.
11:37 PM- Mensen / Wembley [Delusions Grandeur] on the Gearhead label.
11:34 PM- The Penetrators / Baby Don'tcha Tell Me [Kings of Basement Rock] on the Slovenly label.
11:32 PM- The Gories / Sister Ann [House Rockin'] on the Crypt label.
11:24 PM- Thee Headcoats / She's Fine, She's Mine [W.O.A.H!] on the Get Hip label.
11:21 PM- Bleached / Think Of You [S/T] on the Art Fag Recordings label.
11:19 PM- The Sons of Hercules / Once I Was [Hits For The Misses] on the Unclean Records label.
11:17 PM- Sugar Shack / Go! Space City [Five Weeks Ahead Of our Time] on the Estrus label.
11:13 PM- Wipers / D-7 [Is This Real?] on the Zeno Records label.
11:07 PM- Death / Politicians In My Eys [For the whole world to See] on the Drag City label.
11:03 PM- Graveyard / Hisingen Blues [Hisingen Blues] on the Nuclear Blast label.
11:01 PM- Bad Religion / The Resistance [The Dissent Of Man] on the Epitaph label.
10:59 PM- the weirdos / life of crime [v/a the best of bomp] on the bomp label.
10:55 PM- the saints / private affair [eternally yours] on the sire label.
10:53 PM- the lyres / help you ann [on fyre] on the new rose label.
10:47 PM- first gear / leave my kitten alone [v/a james patrick page session man] on the archive international productions label.
10:44 PM- sik mentality / death allegiance [bad world] on the mr. yuk records label.
10:42 PM- nervous eaters / loretta [nervous eaters] on the elektra label.
10:40 PM- dr. feelgood / roxette [down by the jetty] on the united artists label.
10:36 PM- larry & the loafers / let's go to the beach [v/a what a way to die] on the satan records label.
10:35 PM- dri / i'd rather be sleeping [dealing with it!] on the death records label.
10:33 PM- economy island / flower [economy island] on the twistworthy records label.
10:27 PM- the church / reptile [the church] on the arista label.
10:21 PM- baby grande / madam lash [baby grande] on the hozac records label.
10:15 PM- the cramps / surfin' dead [smell of female] on the vengeance records label.
10:12 PM- the golden ear-rings / that day [7" b/w the words i need] on the international polydor label.
10:11 PM- the cops / homicide [first offense] on the artificial head records label.
10:08 PM- the flesheaters / see you in the boneyard [a minute to pray a second to die] on the superior viaduct label.