ktru playsheet

local show

from Tue 12/04/2018 08:00:00 PM until Tue 12/04/2018 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:57 PM- the octopus project / wood trumpet [golden beds] on the peek a boo label.
09:53 PM- tearful moon / secretly drowning [secretly drowning] on the self label.
09:48 PM- secret sands / path infinity extreme [path infinity extreme] on the self label.
09:45 PM- street sects / dial down the neon [the kicking mule] on the the flenser label.
09:41 PM- narcons / when that sweet boy sleeps [sleek machine] on the miss champagne label.
09:35 PM- black kite / dirge for the tripitorium: death of a trip [dirge for the tripitorium] on the self label.
09:29 PM- khruangbin / christmas time is here [christmas time is here] on the dead oceans label.
09:26 PM- lee ann womack / shine on rainy day [the lonely, the lonesome, and the gone] on the ato label.
09:22 PM- jesse dayton / burnin [the outsider] on the blue elan label.
09:19 PM- hayes carll / jesus and elvis [jesus and elvis] on the dualtone label.
09:17 PM- sherita perez / i wanna come home (to Houston) [i wanna come home (to houston)] on the self label.
09:13 PM- claire morales / enough [all that wanting] on the self label.
09:10 PM- wilie nelson / hello walls [...and then i wrote] on the capitol label.
09:07 PM- rhett miller / wheels [the messenger] on the ato label.
08:54 PM- tee vee / dreaming [dreaming] on the very jazzed label.
08:51 PM- space kiddettes / square [domestic adventures] on the self label.
08:48 PM- boombaptist / fugitive [boombaptist beat tape] on the self label.
08:45 PM- lyta / poison [id] on the self label.
08:43 PM- ashley toman / beautifully broken [beautifully broken] on the self label.
08:39 PM- ape drums / ghost [ghost] on the spinnin premium label.
08:35 PM- ronnie heart / real bad (spider monkey) [you (r) mine] on the new media label.
08:32 PM- john allen stephens / forever [radioclub.lp] on the third coast label.
08:26 PM- mobley / swoon [fresh lies, vol. 1] on the violent films label.
08:21 PM- akina adderly & the vintage playboys / bumble bee [say yes] on the get level label.
08:18 PM- molly burch / to the boys [first flower] on the captured tracks label.
08:13 PM- blushing / the truth [the truth] on the the nothing song label.
08:10 PM- wild moccasins / shooting in the dark [look together] on the new west label.
08:06 PM- buxton / hole heart [stay out late] on the new west label.
08:02 PM- the deer / static [tempest & rapture] on the self label.