ktru playsheet


from Sun 03/04/2018 12:00:00 PM until Sun 03/04/2018 02:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

01:58 PM- cojo / c.r.e.a.m. [capricorn] on the s/r label.
01:54 PM- porter ray / bulletproof windows [watercolor] on the subpop label.
01:50 PM- marbles / when you open [expo] on the spin art label.
01:47 PM- grieves / night shift [running wild] on the rhymesayers label.
01:42 PM- father john misty / true affection [i love you honeybear] on the subpop label.
01:34 PM- the noble thiefs / tread lightly [it's tough to be the bad guy] on the pipe & hat label.
01:33 PM- matchbook romance / monsters [voices] on the epitaph label.
01:29 PM- sufis / all knowing [after hours] on the burger label.
01:26 PM- mac demarco / chamber of reflection [salad days] on the captured tracks label.
01:20 PM- palm / dog milk [rock island] on the carpark label.
01:16 PM- las cafeteras / vamos to the beach [tastes like la] on the s/r label.
01:10 PM- loma / i don't want children [s/t] on the sub pop label.
01:07 PM- local natives / dark days [sunlit youth] on the loma vista label.
01:03 PM- radiohead / all in need [in rainbows] on the s/r label.
01:00 PM- neutral milk hotel / the king of carrot flowers pt 2&3 [in the aeroplane over the sea] on the merge label.
12:54 PM- my morning jacket / holdin on to black metal [circuital] on the ato label.
12:51 PM- olsen, angel / california [phases] on the jagjaguwar label.
12:47 PM- white wives / hallelujah, i'm mourning [happeners] on the adeline label.
12:44 PM- wilco / dash 7 [am] on the sire label.
12:39 PM- zephyr bones, the / i've lost my dinosaur [secret place] on the la castanya label.
12:32 PM- cox, robin / mad river cho [ghost of time] on the iridian label.
12:28 PM- bellissimo, jake / the way the ocean meets the sand [the good we've sewn] on the we were never being boring label.
12:23 PM- death cab for cutie / different names for the same thing [plans] on the atlantic label.
12:18 PM- jonathan kawchuk / lagos [north] on the paper bag label.
12:09 PM- the silver mount zion memorial orchestra & tra-la-la band / sisters! brothers! small boats of fire are falling from the sky! [born into troule as the sparks fly upward] on the constellation label.
12:01 PM- godspeed you! black emperor / undoing a luciferian towers [luciferian towers] on the constellation label.