ktru playsheet


from Mon 03/16/2020 12:00:00 PM until Mon 03/16/2020 01:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

12:59 PM- little red car wreck / static cling [motor like a mother] on the yoyo recordings label.
12:55 PM- the maybellines / the only one [a la carte] on the best friends records label.
12:53 PM- lucille furs / no word in english [another land] on the requiem pur un twister label.
12:47 PM- annie gallup / unmapped world [weather] on the waterbug label.
12:43 PM- the subdudes / message man [annunciation] on the windham hill records label.
12:37 PM- the henry girls / sweet dreams [december moon] on the hearth music label.
12:33 PM- sisters morales / someplace far away from here [someplace far away from here] on the luna records label.
12:29 PM- sisters morales / it only gets better [someplace far away from here] on the luna records label.
12:25 PM- paul simon / stranger to stranger [stranger to stranger] on the concord label.
12:20 PM- steel blossoms / innocent [steel blossoms] on the billy jam records label.
12:16 PM- stef chura / they'll never [midnight] on the saddle creek label.
12:09 PM- pan american / memphis helena [a son] on the kranky label.
12:04 PM- glass beach / classic j dies and goes to hell part 1 [the first glass beach album] on the cat castle label.
12:02 PM- dead neighbors / lack thereof [without] on the s/r label.