ktru playsheet

AlexLC, JBloom

from Thu 10/15/2020 06:45:00 PM until Thu 10/15/2020 07:45:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

07:39 PM- efrim manuel menuck and kevin doria / do the police embrace? [are sing sinck, sing] on the constellation label.
07:36 PM- eleventh dream day / two smart cookies [eighth] on the thrill jockey label.
07:28 PM- george lewis/evan parker / pisa wind duet 1 [pisa 1980 improvisers symposium] on the psi label.
07:25 PM- o positive / not enough [cloud factory] on the link label.
07:22 PM- levitation room / here comes the man [headspace] on the greenway label.
07:19 PM- the legendary pink dots / sterre [hallway of the gods] on the terminal kaleidoscope label.
07:13 PM- meat puppets / look at the rain [huevos] on the sst label.
07:09 PM- rammstein / auslander [s/t] on the universal label.
07:06 PM- new klezmer trio / gas nine [elt zonk rewire] on the tzadik label.
07:00 PM- sad pygmy / kyle [drilling the curve] on the fleece label.
06:55 PM- john doe / beer, gas, ride forever [roadside prophets] on the vanguard label.
06:50 PM- economics / worn-out pedal brakes [econo1] on the s/r label.
06:49 PM- cfm / black cat [soundtrack to an empty room] on the in the red label.