ktru playsheet

EmmaF, PaulN

from Thu 12/06/2018 09:00:00 AM until Thu 12/06/2018 10:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

09:58 AM- feist / mushaboom (mocky mix) [open season] on the cherrytree/interscope label.
09:54 AM- tinariwen / sastanaqqam [elwan] on the wedge label.
09:51 AM- devendra banhart / this is the way [rejoicing in the hands] on the young god label.
09:48 AM- yowler / holy fire [black dog in my path] on the double double whammy label.
09:43 AM- jerusalem in my heart / wa ta'atalat loughat al kalam pt. 3 [daqa'iq tudaiq] on the constellation label.
09:39 AM- pavement / jackals, false grails: the lonesome era [slanted and enchanted] on the matador label.
09:36 AM- ella fitzgerald / the lady is a tramp [the best of the song books] on the verve label.
09:31 AM- car seat headrest / sober to death [twin fantasy] on the matador label.
09:28 AM- kero kero bonito / if id known [time n' place] on the polyvinyl label.
09:25 AM- sweet, ian / spit [crush crusher] on the hardly art label.
09:19 AM- snail mail / pristine [lush] on the matador label.
09:16 AM- mitski / your best american girl [puberty 2] on the dead oceans label.
09:14 AM- daniel johnston / ghost of our love [continued story+hi how are you] on the eternal yip eye music label.
09:10 AM- courtney barnett / depreston [sometimes i sit and think, sometimes i just sit] on the mom and pop label.
09:08 AM- palberta / cross it out [roach going down slow] on the wharfcat label.
09:03 AM- elliott moss / slip [highspeeds] on the grand jury label.
09:00 AM- sufjan stevens / flint (for the unemployed and underpaid) [michigan] on the asthamatic kitty label.