ktru playsheet


from Sun 05/12/2019 05:10:00 PM until Sun 05/12/2019 07:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

07:04 PM- archie shepp / syeeda's song flute [four for trane] on the impulse label.
07:01 PM- the ordinaries / she's a rainbow [s/t] on the bar none/ restless label.
06:58 PM- parts and labor / a great divide [stay afraid] on the jagjaguwar/brah label.
06:52 PM- perfume genius / just like love [no shape] on the matador label.
06:49 PM- egg hunt / me and you [me and you] on the dischord label.
06:45 PM- ida / honeyslide [heart like a river] on the polyvinyl records label.
06:43 PM- shana falana / shaanadaar bachche [here comes the wave] on the team love records label.
06:35 PM- disco inferno / in sharky water [d.i. go pop] on the bar none label.
06:32 PM- imperial teen / everyone wants to know [the hair the tv the baby& the band] on the merge label.
06:30 PM- tracy and the plastics / hey rubella [forever sucks ep] on the chainsaw records label.
06:26 PM- tyvek / underwater to [nothing fits] on the post present medium label.
06:23 PM- thee headcoatees / davey crockett [damaged goods cheap cd sampler thingy] on the damaged goods records label.
06:20 PM- motherhead bug / shabooba [zambodia] on the pow wow records label.
06:17 PM- individual fruit pie / you've been seen [release me] on the dot dot dash label.
06:12 PM- unknown / soong nam dondhan dondhan saliga [molam: thai country groove from isan] on the sublime frequencies label.
06:08 PM- abdou / mali ha mali [oxfam arabia] on the oxfam/world music network label.
06:03 PM- shemekia copeland / beat up guitar [wicked] on the alligator records label.
05:59 PM- los van van / y no le conviene [si para usted] on the waxing deep label.
05:55 PM- less bells / bombardment [solifuge] on the kranky label.
05:51 PM- abjects / the secret [never give up] on the yippee ki yay label.
05:45 PM- darwin's finches / hwy 787 [good morning creatures ii] on the artificial head label.
05:40 PM- tacocat / little friend [this mess is a place] on the sub pop label.
05:36 PM- angelo de augustine / time [tomb] on the asthmatic kitty label.
05:32 PM- viagra boys / sports [street worms] on the s/r label.
05:28 PM- 7fo / ten [ryu no nukegara] on the em label.
05:25 PM- mai lan / pumper [autopilote] on the cinq7 label.
05:15 PM- jandek / all about it [london thursday] on the corwood label.