ktru playsheet

RosaG, BrendanM, ScottB
mutant hardcore flower hour

from Thu 03/01/2018 10:05:00 PM until Thu 03/01/2018 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

12:56 AM- waylon / buddy holly medley [waylon] on the rca label.
12:55 AM- big boys / fun fun fun [fun fun fun] on the touch and go label.
12:53 AM- suicidal tendcies / memories of tomorrow [st] on the frontier label.
12:52 AM- superchunk / me & you & jackie mittoo [i hate music] on the merge label.
12:49 AM- unnatural helpers / brave dumb face [cracked love] on the hardly art label.
12:47 AM- afghan whigs / in my town [up in it] on the sub pop label.
12:43 AM- thee mighty caesars / career opportunities [surly they are were sons of god] on the damaged goods label.
12:42 AM- mike and the melvins / promo track one [three men and a baby] on the sub pop label.
12:39 AM- the mummies / that girl [death by unga bunga] on the telstar label.
12:37 AM- black flag / wasted [live] on the sst label.
12:36 AM- oblivians, evans, daniels / the darker the berry [melissa's garage] on the sympathy label.
12:34 AM- reatards / i do what i want [bedroom disasters] on the empty label.
12:34 AM- 68 comeback / ain't it down [mr. downchild] on the sympathy label.
12:31 AM- cocktail slippers / soul salvation of love [people talk] on the wicked cool label.
12:29 AM- jfa / sadistic release [we know you suck] on the beer city label.
12:28 AM- demolition doll rods / get it on [on] on the swami label.
12:23 AM- dri / busted again [dealing with it] on the beer city label.
12:22 AM- detroit cobras / bad girl [mink rat or rabbit] on the sympathy label.
12:21 AM- the marked men / red light rumors [ghosts] on the dirtnap label.
12:20 AM- the ettes / i want my share [runaway bombshell] on the sympathy label.
12:16 AM- pocket fishermen / friendly chimps [the greatest story ever told] on the saustex label.
12:12 AM- the hares / song about a girl [smoking in bed] on the saustex label.
12:11 AM- rich hands / fast and loose [take care] on the resurrection label.
12:05 AM- loop / precession [array 1] on the comet label.
12:00 AM- Mystic Eyes / My Time to Leave [My Time to Leave 7] on the Get Hip Records label.
11:57 PM- Offspring / Blackball [Self 7"] on the Black Label Records label.
11:51 PM- Iggy And The Stooges / I Need Somebody [Raw Power] on the CBS Recording label.
11:47 PM- Fu Manchu / King of The Road [King of The Road] on the At The Dojo Records label.
11:45 PM- Bad Religion / I want to conquer the world [No Control] on the Epitath label.
11:42 PM- The Good The Bad / 022 [From 018 - to 033] on the Unsigned Records label.
11:40 PM- Henchmen / Sad Clown [I've Had Enough!] on the Norton Records label.
11:32 PM- Fuzz / Let It Live [Fuzz II] on the In The Red Records label.
11:29 PM- Dead Moon / 40 Miles of Bad Road [Trash & Burn] on the Mississippi Records label.
11:26 PM- The Phantom Surfers / Banzai Washout [The Phantom Surfers 7"] on the Estrus label.
11:22 PM- Fugazi / Epic Problem [The Arguement] on the Dischord Records label.
11:18 PM- The Cramps / Psychotic Reaction [The Smell of Female Live] on the New Rose label.
11:16 PM- The Blind Owls / Cold Hearted Woman [Say Goodby] on the Cliff House Records label.
11:12 PM- angry samoans / gimme sopor [the unboxed set] on the triple x label.
11:11 PM- legionnaire's disease / downtown [7"] on the hotbox label.
11:08 PM- the baron four / walking out [silvaticus] on the get hip label.
11:07 PM- buzzcocks / i don't mind [singles - going steady] on the liberty records label.
11:06 PM- small faces / tin soldier [7"] on the immediate label.
10:57 PM- la peste / better off dead [7"] on the wharf cat records label.
10:53 PM- lyres / we sell soul [nobobdy but lyres] on the taang! label.
10:49 PM- suburban reptiles / saturday night stay at home [v/a ak79] on the flying nun records label.
10:45 PM- Black Lips / Punk Slime [Let It Bloom] on the In the Red Records label.
10:41 PM- Minutemen / Definitions [Paranoid Time] on the SST label.
10:37 PM- the Mooney Suzuki / Shake That Bush Again! [Shake That Bush Again!] on the Columbia label.
10:34 PM- Graveyard / The Apple & The Tree [Innocence & Decadene] on the Nuclear Blast label.
10:32 PM- The Muffs / Beat Your Heart Out [Self Titled 7" SP157] on the Sub Pop label.
10:29 PM- The Mono Men / Gypsy Woman [The Mono Men Live] on the Imposible Records label.
10:24 PM- The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion! / Bellbottoms [Orange] on the Shov16 label.
10:21 PM- The Creation / Making Time [We Are Pantermen] on the Hit-ton label.
10:17 PM- dave edmunds / trouble boys [tracks on wax] on the swan song label.
10:13 PM- headcoatees / automatic love [7" b/w gotta move] on the munster records label.
10:10 PM- giuda / roller the balls [7"] on the burning heart label.
10:07 PM- possessed / climb the wooden hills [v/a heavy nuggets] on the mojo label.
10:06 PM- the only ones / baby's got a gun [baby's got a gun] on the sony music label.