ktru playsheet


from Fri 03/02/2018 04:02:00 PM until Fri 03/02/2018 06:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

05:55 PM- The New Bomb Turks / Stick It Out [Stick It Out 7"] on the Fat Wreck Chords label.
05:54 PM- Melt Banana / Creeps in a White Cake [Split EP 7" w/ The Locust] on the Gold Standard Labs label.
05:48 PM- Pierre Dorge & New Jungle Orchestra / Manilia, Manila [Johnny Lives] on the Steeple Chase Productions label.
05:46 PM- Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet / Egypt Texas [Savy Show Stopepers] on the Jetpac Recordings label.
05:43 PM- The Mono Men / Pisswater [Estrus Half Pack Boxed Set of 7" The 12 Drunkedst Bands in Showbiz] on the Estrus label.
05:39 PM- Monsterland / Get Out of My Head [Get Out of My Head 7"] on the Rockville label.
05:35 PM- the Citations / Moon Race [Lost Legends of the Surf Guitar IV Shockwave] on the Sundazed label.
05:33 PM- The Mummies / What A Way to Die [Estrus Half Pack Boxed Set of 7" The 12 Drunkest Bands in Showbiz] on the Estrus label.
05:31 PM- Pearl Crush / Semiprecious Stone [Pearl Crush 7"] on the Poison Moon label.
05:28 PM- Million Sellers / Tequila Helps You Swim [Tequila Helps You Swim 7"] on the Wanda Records label.
05:25 PM- Joe King Carrasoco Y Las Coronas / Kry Tuff [Bandido Rock] on the Rounder Records label.
05:22 PM- The PeeChee All Season Sensations / Genuine Article [Scented Gum 7"] on the Lookout label.
05:17 PM- H.C. McEntire / Quartz in the Valley [Lionheart] on the Merge label.
05:13 PM- The Hanson Brothers / A Night Without You [Gross Misconduct] on the Alternative Tentacles Records label.
05:10 PM- Alak / I Don't Feel Anything [I Don't Feel Anything] on the Gilgongo label.
05:07 PM- Zorba and The Greeks / Shockwave! [Lost Legends of Surf Guitar IV Shockwave] on the Sundazed label.
05:03 PM- The Skels / Romp, Romp, Romp [How Do you Like It Here Now?] on the Mystery-Fez label.
04:59 PM- Holy Motors / Sleeprydr [Slow Sundown] on the Wharf Cat Records label.
04:57 PM- Halo Of Flies / M.D. 20/20 [Singles Going Nowhere] on the Ampet Amine Reptile Records label.
04:54 PM- The Gories / There But For The Grace [Outta Here] on the Crypt Records label.
04:51 PM- Cheek / So Hard It Hurts [Cheek] on the Self label.
04:40 PM- Manny Oquendo & Libre / Chaquilla Ideal [On The Move!] on the Milestone label.
04:37 PM- Pennywise / Wildcard [Pennywise 7"] on the The Ologian Records label.
04:36 PM- The Hates / Houston [Panacea] on the Faceless Records label.
04:33 PM- Deacon John (and Friends) / Going Back to New Orleans [Deaon John's Jump Blues: Music From the Film] on the Vetter Communications Group label.
04:30 PM- Thee Michelle gun Elephant / West Cabaret Drive [West Caberet Drive] on the Estrus Records label.
04:25 PM- Angry Young Bees / Shake Up The Suburbs [Shake Up The Subburbs 7"] on the Beeswax Records label.
04:21 PM- Reverbmotherfucker / Thrillseeker [The Pre-Moon Syndrome Post-Summer of Noise Celebration Week LP!] on the Sun Dog Propaganda label.
04:18 PM- Odd Hope / We Belong [Odd Hope] on the Fruits & Flowers label.
04:15 PM- The 5,6,7,8's / Bomb The Twist [Bomb The Twist 10"] on the Sympathy For the Record Industry label.
04:12 PM- Pavement / Summer Babe (Winter Edition) [Westing by Musket and Sextant] on the Drag City label.
04:06 PM- Mark Murphy / In The Evenin" [Memories Of You (Remembering Joe Williams)] on the Highnote Records label.
04:04 PM- The Sonics / I'll Always Love Her [Fire & Ice] on the First American label.