ktru playsheet


from Thu 11/08/2018 02:00:00 PM until Thu 11/08/2018 03:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

02:41 PM- dirty three / deep waters [ocean songs] on the touch and go label.
02:48 PM- oneohtrix point never / age of [age of] on the warp label.
02:45 PM- the double u and glands of external excretion / cuisine [s/t] on the vhf 31 label.
02:42 PM- deerhoof / cooper [reveille] on the kill rock stars label.
02:36 PM- rachid taha / comme un chien [ole, ole] on the mango records label.
02:30 PM- various / emo [a new groove] on the putumayo label.
02:24 PM- aphex twin / 1st 44 [collapse ep] on the warp label.
02:16 PM- ken wiley / cubano blue [cuerno exotica] on the krug park label.
02:08 PM- nadler / for my crimes [for my crimes] on the ERROR: Server error: Entry not found in index label.
02:00 PM- kenney, madeline / cut me off [perfect shapes] on the carpark label.