ktru playsheet


from Sat 07/15/2017 08:00:00 PM until Sat 07/15/2017 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:58 PM- deerhoof / halfrabbit halfdog [halfbird] on the menlo park label.
09:54 PM- waipod phetsuphan / ding ding dong [the sound of siam] on the soundway label.
09:51 PM- m83 / 0078h [dead cities red seas and lost ghosts] on the groom disques label.
09:47 PM- joanna newsome / leaving the city [divers] on the drag city label.
09:44 PM- alex cameron / happy ending [jumping the shark] on the secretly canadian label.
09:42 PM- cats and kittens / morning [natural sounds] on the our worlds sounds label.
09:40 PM- various / tree frogs various [north american frogs] on the smithsonian folkways label.
09:32 PM- air / la femme d'argent [moon safari] on the caroline/source label.
09:29 PM- yeah yeah yeahs / our time [s/t] on the shifty label.
09:22 PM- ho99o9 / knuckle up [united states of horror] on the caroline label.
09:20 PM- triptides / invitation [afterglow] on the rput label.
09:16 PM- night drive / arboria [s/t] on the roll call label.
09:13 PM- mac demarco / a wolf who wears sheeps clothing [this old dog] on the captured tracks label.
09:09 PM- the new pornographers / avalanche alley [whiteout conditions] on the concord label.
09:04 PM- andrew bird / roma fade [are you serious] on the luma vista label.
08:59 PM- portugal. the man / feel it still/easy tiger [woodstock] on the atlantic label.
08:52 PM- honus honus / midnight caller [use your delusion] on the new neighborhood label.
08:51 PM- prince rama / bahia [xtreme now] on the carpark label.
08:48 PM- shitkid / sugar town [fish] on the pnk slm label.
08:44 PM- at the drive in / 198d [vaya] on the fearless label.
08:40 PM- bright eyes / sunrise sunset [fevers and mirrors] on the saddle creek label.
08:36 PM- catpower / the greatest [the greatest] on the matador label.
08:33 PM- nite jewel / had to let me go [real high] on the gloriette records label.
08:31 PM- sailor moon / theme [looney tunes] on the rhino label.
08:27 PM- sylvan esso / die young [what now] on the loma vista label.
08:23 PM- computer magic / fuzz [davos] on the channel 9 label.
08:19 PM- sylvan esso / kick jump twist [what now] on the loma vista label.
08:13 PM- jemini / medievil [ghetto pop life] on the lex label.
08:09 PM- outkast / aint no thang [big boi presents] on the arista label.
08:04 PM- lox chatterbox / ghosts [how to sell your soul] on the tinderbox music label.