ktru playsheet


from Mon 06/11/2018 09:00:00 PM until Mon 06/11/2018 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:56 PM- Ndingr / Gleipnir [The High Heat Licks Against Heaven] on the Indie Recordings label.
09:52 PM- Carcass / A Wraith in the Apparatus [Surgical Steel] on the Trooper label.
09:46 PM- Usnea / Demon Haunted World [Portals in Futility] on the Relapse label.
09:40 PM- Fister / Heat Death [No Spirit Within] on the Listenable label.
09:37 PM- Curse Upon A Prayer / Thou Shalt Be Cursed [The Three Woes] on the Saturnal label.
09:33 PM- Flesh Hoarder / Burnt, Scraped, Dumped [Homicidal Necrophile] on the Comatose Music label.
09:30 PM- Torn the Fuck Apart / These Pliers Are Terrible for Pulling Teeth [A Genetic Predosposition to Violence] on the Gore House Productions label.
09:27 PM- Siege Column / Penetrator [Inferno Deathpassion] on the Nuclear War Now label.
09:23 PM- Immortal / Northern Chaos Gods [Northern Chaos Gods] on the Nuclear Blast label.
09:23 PM- Ommadon / A [End Times] on the Dry Cough label.
09:17 PM- Corpsehammer / Rito & Magia [Perversion] on the Morbid Skull label.
09:11 PM- Chalked Up / Let Him Rot [Quarter Hour of Power] on the Encapsulated label.
09:10 PM- Hate Theory / Unchained Unbeaten [Hate Theory III] on the Ohio Entertainment Group label.
09:07 PM- Abscess / Poison Messiah [Horrorhammer] on the Horro Pain Gore Death label.
09:03 PM- The Evil / Screams [The Evil] on the Osmose Productions label.