ktru playsheet


from Tue 10/20/2020 09:15:00 PM until Tue 10/20/2020 10:15:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

10:10 PM- gang gang dance / adult goth [eye contact] on the 4ad label.
10:08 PM- peter slavov / prologue: glide [little stories] on the s/r label.
10:04 PM- jehro / everything [a new groove] on the putumayo label.
10:02 PM- pinky pinky / floor boards [turkey dinner] on the innovative leisure label.
09:59 PM- ghetto priest / dry bone [vulture culture] on the on-u sound label.
09:55 PM- levitation room / mr. polydactyl cat [headspace] on the greenway label.
09:53 PM- les louanges / pitou [la nuit est une panthere] on the s/r label.
09:49 PM- laurent pernice / metamusique [dance trilogy] on the pure dope can't damage label.
09:43 PM- u.s. girls / rosebud [in a poem unlimited] on the 4ad label.
09:35 PM- glass beach / planetarium [the first glass beach album] on the cat castle label.
09:32 PM- minikon / happiiendo [s/t] on the kirakira label.
09:27 PM- mahjongg / hot lava [raydoncong] on the cold crush label.
09:21 PM- four tet / you were there with me [everything ecstatic] on the domino label.
09:17 PM- y la bamba / gabriel [entre los dos] on the tender loving empire label.