ktru playsheet


from Mon 03/12/2018 09:00:00 PM until Mon 03/12/2018 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:54 PM- Spirit Adrift / Onward, Inward [Curse of Conception] on the 20 Buck Spin label.
09:50 PM- Gatecreeper / Death Rider (Omen cover) [East of Sun] on the Cruz del Sur label.
09:46 PM- ORB / O.R.B. (Childhood's End) [Womb] on the Heavy Chains label.
09:38 PM- Thy Antichrist / A World Burnt to Ashes [Wrath of the Beast] on the Napalm label.
09:31 PM- Rotting Christ / Ze Nigmar [Rituals] on the Season of Mist label.
09:27 PM- Poison Blood / Circles of Salt [Poison Blood] on the Relapse label.
09:22 PM- Sigh / The Forlorn [Graveward] on the Spinefarm label.
09:11 PM- Phantom Winter / Ripping Halos From Angels [Into Dark Science] on the Golden Antenna label.
09:08 PM- As Paradise Falls / Reborn [Digital Ritual] on the Eclipse label.
09:04 PM- Oceans of Slumber / No Colour, No Light [The Banished Heart] on the Century Media label.
09:01 PM- Jordajo / Abstraksjoner [Jord] on the Karisma label.