ktru playsheet


from Mon 12/02/2019 06:00:00 PM until Mon 12/02/2019 07:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

06:50 PM- sigur ross / untitled 7 [untitled] on the fat cat records label.
06:45 PM- aphex twin / 1 [selected ambient works] on the sire label.
06:40 PM- radiohead / videotape [in rainbows] on the radiohead label.
06:36 PM- baroness / throw me an anchor [gold & grey] on the abraxan hymns label.
06:30 PM- dj food / full bleed [ninja tune] on the just isnt music label.
06:26 PM- laureie spiegel / three sonic spaces I [unseen worlds] on the unseen worlds label.
06:23 PM- os mutantes / ando meio desligado [tropicalia] on the soul jazz records label.
06:09 PM- thala vadya / bagayaneya: raga chandorajothi tala adi [percussion music of madras] on the jvc musical industries label.
06:00 PM- Peter Brotzmann & Peeter Uuskyla / Ain't Got the Money [Born Broke] on the Atavistic label.