ktru playsheet


from Mon 10/21/2019 09:00:00 PM until Mon 10/21/2019 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:58 PM- Ringworm / Let It Burn [Death Becomes My Voice] on the Relapse Records label.
09:54 PM- Human Agony / Humiliating Nazarenic Corpse [Goring Christ] on the Invictus Productions label.
09:50 PM- Atavisma / Extraneous Abysmal Knowledge [The Chtonic Rituals] on the Memento Mori label.
09:46 PM- Kryptamok / Varjoista Kutsuttu [Proaani] on the Helter Skelter label.
09:44 PM- Berkowitz / Propofol [World Gone to Shit] on the Horror Pain Gore Death label.
09:41 PM- Phantasmal / Ruumis (he Corpse) [Ansaan Syntynet] on the Self-released label.
09:35 PM- Tangled Thoughts of Leaving / Cavern Ritual [No Tether] on the Self-released label.
09:32 PM- Mourning Sign / Sleep [Contra Mundum] on the Orchestrated Misery Recordings label.
09:28 PM- Mayhem / Of Worms and Ruins [Daemon] on the Century Media Records label.
09:21 PM- De Profundis / Bringer of Light [The Blinding Light of Faith] on the Lusitanian Music label.
09:19 PM- Gatecreeper / Puncture Wounds [Deserted] on the Relapse Records label.
09:16 PM- Sartegos / Jugular (Interludio) [O Sangue Da Noite] on the Blood Harvest label.
09:12 PM- Une Misere / Sermon [Sermon] on the Nuclear Blast label.
09:08 PM- Violation Wound / Resist! Deny! Defy! [Split with Surgikill] on the Selfmadegod Records label.
09:05 PM- Exmortus / Swallow Your Soul [Legions of the Undead] on the M-Theory Audio label.
09:02 PM- Cult of Luna / Lay Your Hed to Rest [A Dawn to Fear] on the Metal Blade label.