ktru playsheet

genetic memory

from Mon 03/16/2020 10:00:00 PM until Tue 03/17/2020 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

12:56 AM- brainville 3 / who's afraid [trial by headline CD] on the recommended label.
12:52 AM- chris knox / the man in the crowd [beat CD] on the thirsty ear label.
12:49 AM- the rudy schwartz project / full frumbarella [full frontal krugman CDr] on the kunaki label.
12:44 AM- the residents / pat three: ship's going down [not available LP] on the ralph records label.
12:38 AM- psychic tv / terminus [force the hand of chance 2xLP] on the some bizzare label.
12:33 AM- alternative TV / still-life [the image has cracked LP] on the deptforo fun city label.
12:27 AM- collegium musicum / p.f. 1972 part iv [konvergencie 2xCD] on the opus label.
12:24 AM- v/a (dieter bauknecht) / sitarking [bratenstucke 1989-2004 CD] on the dom elchkang label.
12:09 AM- birge gorge shiroc / le reveil [defense de CD+DVD] on the mio records label.
12:00 AM- perception / debora [perception LP] on the soufflecontinu records label.
11:52 PM- jacques berrocal / dominique coster / roger ferlet / anonymous [musiq musik CD] on the futura records / fractal label.
11:49 PM- jean schwarz / carolyn [year of the horse and other electroacoustic works 2xCD] on the robot records label.
11:42 PM- entre vifs / session i - heavy duty [heavy duty CD] on the influencing machine label.
11:24 PM- richard ramirez / dec 11 laredo texas at casa flores gallery - edit [amplified tactics - live in mexico and texas 2xLP] on the hospital productions label.
11:20 PM- v/a (whitehouse) / boston strangler [come organisation 10xLP+10"] on the vinyl on demand label.
11:08 PM- nurse with wound / dueling banjoes [the swinging reflective 2xCD] on the dirter promotions label.
11:03 PM- robert haigh / painted serpent [black sarabande LP] on the unseen worlds label.
10:59 PM- fote / permanent [fote 12"] on the robot records label.
10:56 PM- vioent onsen gesha / surf despair '65 [que sera, sera, (things go from bad to worse) CD] on the rail recordings label.
10:52 PM- mike kelley paul mccarthy violent onsen geisha / go, baby, go [studio c / sod and sodie sock 2xCD] on the compund annex label.
10:48 PM- destroy all monsters / bounce [74-76 3xCD] on the compound annex label.
10:45 PM- destroy all monsters / you're gonna die [bored CD] on the cherry red records label.
10:43 PM- the electric eels / cold meat [god says fuck you CD] on the homestead records label.
10:41 PM- the flying luttenbachers / <song titles difficult to discern> [revenge of... LP] on the skin graft label.
10:32 PM- julie cruise / the nightingale [floating into the night LP] on the warner bros label.
10:28 PM- peter hammill / always is next [this CD] on the fie! label.
10:22 PM- swans / weakling [cop LP] on the neutral label.
10:13 PM- lingua ignota / do you doubt me traitor [caligula CD] on the profound lore label.
10:09 PM- nick cave and the bad seeds / the mercy seat [tender prey CD+DVD] on the mute label.
10:03 PM- flipper / survivors of the plague [gone fishin' LP] on the subterranean label.