ktru playsheet


from Sun 06/09/2019 08:01:00 AM until Sun 06/09/2019 10:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

09:58 AM- easy love / slower than you think [easy love] on the burger records / wallflower records label.
09:58 AM- mulatu astatke / wubit [new york - addis - london - the story of ethio jazz 1965-1975] on the strut label.
09:49 AM- mariachi tapatio / guadalajara [mexico's pioneer mariachi v. 2] on the arhoolie label.
09:49 AM- emerson kitamura / the countryside is great [the countryside is great] on the em records label.
09:37 AM- methyl ethel / scream whole [triage] on the 4ad label.
09:35 AM- j. mascis / cut stranger [elastic days] on the subpop label.
09:35 AM- tav falco's panther burns / come on little momma [behind the magnolia curtain] on the rough trade label.
09:34 AM- spiritualized / medication [f'ed up inside] on the dedicated label.
09:24 AM- karen o & dangermouse / ministry [lux prima] on the lux prima label.
09:23 AM- dr john, the night tripper / walk on guilded splinters [gris gris] on the atco label.
09:22 AM- dr john / peace brother peacb [in the right place] on the atco label.
09:21 AM- dr john / traveling mood [in the right place] on the atco label.
09:02 AM- dr john, the night tripper / gris-gris gumbo ya ya [gris gris] on the atco label.
08:57 AM- walt dickey trio / penumbra [transonic] on the aum fidelity label.
08:55 AM- edip akbayram / dumanli dumanli oy bizim eller [edip akbayram] on the pharaway sounds label.
08:45 AM- anemone / sunshine [beat my distance] on the luminelle label.
08:45 AM- residents / easter woman [buy or die 1980 1/2 7"] on the ralph records label.
08:43 AM- ritual howls / the offering [rendered armor] on the felte label.
08:37 AM- fitz of depression / see me, hear me [let's give it a twist] on the k label.
08:28 AM- booker ervin / little jane [the book] on the avenue jazz label.
08:24 AM- dirtbombs / indivisible [we have you surrounded] on the in the red label.
08:23 AM- dead moon / fire in the western world [strange pray tell] on the music manian label.
08:17 AM- ex hex / no reflection [it's real] on the merge label.
08:17 AM- alice coltrane / ptah, the el daoud [ptah the el daoud] on the impulse label.