ktru playsheet

TracyjoB, KellyM
chickenskin music

from Thu 08/10/2017 08:00:00 PM until Thu 08/10/2017 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:59 PM- Jonathan Coulton / Re: Your Brains [Thing a Week Two] on the 20 Goto 10 label.
09:53 PM- Vic Chesnutt / Flirted with You All My Life [At the Cut] on the Constellation label.
09:49 PM- Natalie Merchant / Learning the Game [Listen to Me: Buddy Holly] on the Buddy Holly Tribute Album label.
09:46 PM- Montana Slim / There's A Love-Knot in my Lariat [Yodelling Hillbilly] on the K-tel label.
09:43 PM- Michael Hurley / Hog of the Forsaken [Long Journey] on the Rounder label.
09:40 PM- Serge Gainsbourg / Bloody Jack [Integrale] on the Mercury Records label.
09:36 PM- Zephaniah Ohora with the 18 Wheelers / High Class City Girl from the Country [This Highway] on the self label.
09:30 PM- Dustin Welch / Whisky Priest [Whisky Priest] on the self label.
09:27 PM- Pogues / Navigator [Rum Sodomy & the Lash] on the WM UK label.
09:24 PM- Wilco / Jesus, Etc. [Yankee Hotel Foxtrot] on the Rhino/Warner Bros. label.
09:21 PM- Boulder Acoustic Society / Hatchack Blues [Now] on the self label.
09:18 PM- Lyle Lovett / If I Had a Boat [Pontiac] on the Curb Records label.
09:12 PM- Reverend Freakchild / John the Revelator [Illogical Optimism] on the Treated and Released Records label.
09:11 PM- The Bucking Mules / Ruffled Drawers [Smoke Behind the Clouds] on the Free Dirt Records label.
09:09 PM- Old Crow Medicine Show / Wagon Wheel [O.C.M.S.] on the Nettwerk Records label.
09:04 PM- Gram Parsons / Return of the Grievous Angel [Grievous Angel] on the Rhino/Warner Bros. label.
09:00 PM- New Grass Revival / Love Someone Like Me [Best of New Grass Revival] on the Capitol Nashville label.
08:56 PM- Guy Clark / Soldier's Joy, 1864 [The Dark] on the Sugar Hill Records label.
08:51 PM- State Radio / State of Georgia [Rabbit Inn Rebellion] on the Ruff Shod label.
08:48 PM- Amber Cross / Trinity Gold Mine [Savage on the Downhill] on the Two Red Doors Publishing label.
08:46 PM- Bill Monroe / Rocky Road Blues [The Essential Bill Monroe] on the RLG Legacy label.
08:43 PM- Woody Guthrie / New York Town [The Asch Recordings, Vols. 1-4] on the Smithsonian Folkways Recordings label.
08:35 PM- Bessie Jones / That Suits Me [Get in Union] on the Tompkins Square label.
08:33 PM- Tom Waits / Alice [Alice] on the Anti/Epitaph label.
08:27 PM- Gordon Lightfoot / Sundown [Songbook] on the Rhino/Warner Bros. label.
08:22 PM- The Original Blind Boys of Alabama / This May Be the Last Time [Jesus Rocked the Jukebox] on the Craft Recordings label.
08:21 PM- Steve Gunn & The Black Twig Pickers / Don't Let Your Deal Go Down [Seasonal Hire] on the Thrill Jockey Records label.
08:16 PM- Peggy Seeger / Gonna Be an Engineer [Different Therefore Equal] on the Folkways Records label.
08:12 PM- Simon & Garfunkel / El Condor Pasa (If I Could) [Simon & Garfunkel's Greatest Hits] on the Legacy Recordings label.
08:08 PM- Bonnie "Prince" Billy / I See a Darkness [I See a Darkness] on the Drag City label.
08:07 PM- The Coasters / Down in Mexico [Yakety Yak] on the Rhino Entertainment label.
08:05 PM- John Hartford / Turn Your Radio On [Aero-Plain] on the Warner Brothers label.