ktru playsheet

RosaG, Shablis
mutant hardcore

from Thu 11/28/2019 10:05:00 PM until Thu 11/28/2019 12:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

12:41 AM- whiskey business / a whiskey christmas [cashing in on christmas] on the black hole records label.
12:38 AM- ship thieves / who put the gum in santa's beard [punk rock christmas 2] on the cleopatra records label.
12:35 AM- piebald / (all i want for christmas is to) rage with my friends [piebald presents to you, a musical christmas adventure] on the photo finish records label.
12:33 AM- ramshackle glory / war on christmas [one last big job] on the 625366 records dk2 label.
12:30 AM- mu330 / everyday christmas [winter wonderland] on the asian man records label.
12:25 AM- the hives, cyndi lauper / a christmas duel [a christmas duel] on the no fun ab label.
12:22 AM- the ramones / danny says [end of the century] on the sire label.
12:18 AM- the specials / holiday fortnight [more specials] on the chrisalys records label.
12:17 AM- the mr t experience / merry f***ing christmas [strum und bang live !?] on the s/r label.
12:13 AM- nerf herder / santa has a mullet [hi-voltage christmas] on the cool cds label.
12:11 AM- screeching weasel / christmas eve [christmas eve] on the monona records label.
12:09 AM- pansy division / homo christmas [xmas snertz: a very gulcher christmas] on the gulcher label.
12:06 AM- tq / christmas in compton [christmas in compton] on the the hub muzic, llc label.
12:03 AM- reel big fish / whatever u celebrate [happy skalidays] on the rock ridge music label.
11:56 PM- james brown / santa claus go straight to the ghetto [soulful christmas] on the james brown label.
11:53 PM- sharon jones & the dap-kings / 8 days of hannukah [it's a holiday soul party] on the daptone records label.
11:50 PM- holly golightly / christmas tree on fire [christmas tree on fire] on the damaged goods label.
11:47 PM- the ramones / merry christmas (i don't wanna fight tonight) [brain drain] on the sire records label.
11:45 PM- everclear / hating you for christmas [so much for the afterglow] on the capitol records label.
11:43 PM- the muffs / nothing for me [happy birthday, baby jesus] on the sympathy for the record industry label.
11:40 PM- 4 skins / merry christmas everybody [bollocks to christmas] on the anagram records label.
11:38 PM- the sonics / don't believe in christmas [merry christmas- the sonics, the wailers, the galaxies] on the etiquette records label.
11:36 PM- toy dolls / credit crunch christmas [the album after the last one] on the secret records limited label.
11:28 PM- masked intruder / under the mistletoe [under the mistletoe] on the red scare label.
11:26 PM- the studs / donner family christmas [sexy babies across the wasteland vol. 2] on the sexy baby records label.
11:23 PM- mx-80 / (i spent) christmas with the devil [xmas snertz: have a very gulcher christmas] on the gulcher label.
11:20 PM- 45 grave / the snow miser song [punk rock christmas] on the cleopatra records label.
11:17 PM- descendents / christmas vacation [i don't wanna grow up] on the sst records label.
11:15 PM- mu330 / x-mas card [crab rangoon] on the asian man records label.
11:11 PM- the kinks / father christmas [come dancing with the kinks] on the legacy recordings label.
11:08 PM- poly styrene / black christmas [black christmas] on the year zero label.
11:05 PM- hotknives / turkey stomp [bollocks to christmas] on the anagram records label.
11:03 PM- rabid ostrich experiment / stuff your turkey [punk rock safari] on the s/r label.
11:00 PM- cuby and the blizzards / i'm so restless [v/a searching in he wilderness] on the muziek expres label.
10:56 PM- the cars / just what i needed [the cars] on the elektra label.
10:51 PM- blondie / die young stay pretty [eat to the beat] on the chrysalis label.
10:49 PM- the zombies / tell her no [7"] on the parrot records label.
10:48 PM- the turtles / buzzsaw [7"] on the white whale label.
10:45 PM- arrows / i love rock 'n' roll [a's b's & rarities] on the EMI label.
10:41 PM- diana ross and the supremes / going down for the third time [7"] on the motown label.
10:37 PM- sleaford mods / the fear of anarchy [7"] on the little teddy label.
10:32 PM- la peste / better off dead [7"] on the 1978 black records label.
10:31 PM- shonen knife / twist barbie [v/a roots of nirvana] on the mojo label.
10:27 PM- the outsiders / lying all the time [the original hit recordings and more] on the EMI label.
10:26 PM- reigning sound / i'd much rather be with the boys [7"] on the norton records label.
10:24 PM- gay marriage / hirth power [7" EP gay marriage] on the ditchwater records label.
10:22 PM- yardbirds / train kept-a-rollin' [v/a even more golden eggs!! the lost beebs] on the palm drice label.
10:17 PM- zero boys / splish splash [history of] on the secretly canadian label.
10:16 PM- nervous eaters / loretta [7"] on the penniman records label.
10:12 PM- alice bag & the sissybears / xx [7"] on the don giovanni records label.
10:11 PM- los lobos / one time one night [just another band from east LA] on the slash/warner bros label.