ktru playsheet

genetic memory

from Mon 09/09/2019 10:00:00 PM until Tue 09/10/2019 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

12:58 AM- muzak john / the dark quaalude [muzak invades manhattan] on the s/r label.
12:54 AM- brainbombs / angels crawling [genius and brutality - taste and power] on the blackjack label.
12:40 AM- richard ramirez / west hollywood [go west 5xcdr comp] on the bookend recordings label.
12:32 AM- hive mind / untitled [beneath triangle and crescent] on the chondriatic sound label.
12:27 AM- the mike gunn / holger (couch of woe) [coduh] on the worship guitars label.
12:22 AM- linus pauling quartet / drunkest man [c6h8o6] on the september gurls label.
12:17 AM- infant mortality rate / daddy [puer aeternis] on the mayday records label.
12:14 AM- no talk / erotic asphyxiation [leather discipline] on the death exclamations!/cutthroat records label.
12:12 AM- total abuse / dna evidence [excluded] on the deranged records label.
12:11 AM- party owls / fake hippy [why drag it out?] on the lance rock records/ecstatic peace! label.
12:08 AM- insect warfare / repulsed by radiation [entomological siege 2004/2009] on the foad records label.
12:02 AM- bellringer / inner freak [jettison] on the rock is hell records label.
11:40 PM- nurse with wound / t.n.b. amen [changes les blockeurs] on the united dirtier label.
11:27 PM- mass / mass [labour of love] on the 4ad/desire/module label.
11:22 PM- rough sleepers / faceless [hangman ep] on the tall texan label.
11:16 PM- tricky with dj muggs and grease / bombing bastards [for real 12"] on the island records label.
11:11 PM- david dove & maria chavez / screwed indigo [screwed indigo] on the el cangrejito label.
11:05 PM- gyorgy ligeti / vonspiel zum 1 biel / piet dies irae, dies illa...und auftrit des liebespoores [le grand macabre] on the wergo label.
10:57 PM- enochian call girls / whale abortion [austin noise 2015 (comp)] on the instincto records label.
10:53 PM- the wiggins / golden age [the myth of man] on the team science label.
10:43 PM- maher shalal hash baz / ikeezumi-san [tokyo flashback / psychedelic speed freaks] on the black editions label.
10:39 PM- vic chesnutt / glossolalia [north star deserter] on the constellation label.
10:33 PM- circuit des yeux / philo [reaching for indigo] on the drag city label.
10:21 PM- the tower recordings / continental cirrus [the futuristic folk of the tower recordings (vol. 1 & 2)] on the time-lag records label.
10:19 PM- caleb fraid / see what happens [person of interest] on the doormat, tx label.
10:12 PM- current 93 / hourglass for diana [earth covers earth] on the united diaries label.
10:04 PM- low / lullaby [i could live in hope] on the vernon yard recordings label.