ktru playsheet

silk roads

from Mon 12/02/2019 03:00:00 PM until Mon 12/02/2019 04:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

04:06 PM- 88rising, stephanie poetri, jackson wang / i love you 3000 ii [head in the clouds ii] on the 88rising records / 12tone music label.
04:02 PM- golden child / wannabe [golden child 1st album [re-boot]] on the woollim entertainment label.
03:57 PM- steve james, eric nam / missing you [missing you] on the casablanca records (republic records) label.
03:54 PM- tia, le thien hieu / ai dua em ve [ai dua em ve] on the sky music label.
03:50 PM- sirup / light [light] on the a.s.a.b / suppage records label.
03:46 PM- ching g squad / detox [watermelon] on the chynahouse digital label.
03:42 PM- sheryl sheinafia / positif (original title posessif) [positif (original title posessif)] on the s/r label.
03:40 PM- exo / baby you are [obsession - the 6th album] on the sm entertainment label.
03:35 PM- vandetta / give me love [give me love] on the ownself records label.
03:31 PM- harrdy sandhu / dance like [dance like] on the sony music entertainment india label.
03:28 PM- paperplane pursuit / danceman [final flight] on the breaking music label.
03:24 PM- jabid / caramela sexy lady [caramela sexy lady] on the jabid mhmd mgrb label.
03:19 PM- sagopa kajmer / toz tanaleri [sarkastik] on the melankolia muzik label.
03:15 PM- mahmoud al turki / dommeny dommeny [dommeny dommeny] on the alnojomia label.
03:10 PM- tom isara / chair [chair] on the s/r label.
03:06 PM- michael dutchi libranda / binalewala - original version [binalewala] on the s/r label.
03:02 PM- aga / two at a time [two at a time] on the universal music label.